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Personal Reflection on Being a College Student - Assignment Example

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Attending Anchorage campus has helped the reporter gain academic knowledge. This analytic essay, Personal Reflection on Being a College Student, discusses personal, professional, and socio-religious growth while I was attending the Anchorage Campus, Wayland Baptist University. …
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Personal Reflection on Being a College Student
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Download file to see previous pages I have learned successful ways of gathering information through continuous reading and collecting of relevant information as possible. Deciding on the format to use while presenting my material is a vital step that I have learned. I have acquired basic methods of gathering information which include the use of a questionnaire, interviewing people, reviewing of documents, and use of observation method, case study, and focus groups. These different methods of collecting data are used in different environments depending on the most suitable to gather the information required.
Studying in Anchorage campus has built my self-confidence and helped me in public speaking. I have gained a sense of self-efficacy when I see myself learning skills and accomplishing objectives that matter in those skill zones. This is the confidence that I learn and work hard in a specific part. It is this type of confidence that hints to accept difficult encounters and persevere in the face of obstacles. Confidence building corresponds with the impression of self-esteem which is a more common sense that we can deal with, with what is going on in my life. It also reveals to me that I have the right to be happy. Relatively, this comes from a feeling that the people influencing us are part of me, which I may or may not be able to control. Nevertheless, it also comes from the sense that I am acting uprightly, competent at what I do and that I can compete successfully when I put my mind to it.
I uphold my self-esteem and confidence from different foundations. My main source is my affiliation with Deity; spiritually, I am self-confident that time without end is the ultimate objective and that by my affiliation, I believe in Jesus Christ as my savior. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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