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Behavior And Conduct: Grade Levels And Scoring Methods - Essay Example

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The paper "Behavior And Conduct: Grade Levels And Scoring Methods" seeks to discuss an assessment instrument used in the arena of education. The paper will also explore test of behavior and conduct, which will entail the description of the assessment, grade levels, and scoring methods…
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Behavior And Conduct: Grade Levels And Scoring Methods
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"Behavior And Conduct: Grade Levels And Scoring Methods"

Download file to see previous pages Assessment entails an ongoing process, which aims at understanding as well as improving the learning of students. It encompasses making expectations public as well as explicit, setting high standards, as well as the appropriate criteria, and interpreting and analyzing evidence. The information resulting from the assessment can be used to explain, improve, and document performance. A number of assessment tools can be employed in assessing the learning of students in a course, institutional, as well as the level of the program. Assessment tools can be standardized, which means that they can be widely used. Other tools used in assessment can be developed locally for the purposes of serving certain institutions or programs. Conventional tools, which tend to be traditionally inclined, evaluate the skills that can be performed by students with success. Such tools tend to be knowledge-based, rather than performance based or hands-on tools. The assessment tools used by teachers help in judging the progress, capabilities, as well as the development of the students. Through the use of assessment tools, teachers can be able to know the progress made by the students during the beginning of the year, subject or even semester. It also becomes possible to track the progress of the students and make the teacher informed on whether the students have adequately learned the subject matter. Tests may include multiple-choice tests, constructed responses, and short answer essays such as those administered to students by schools. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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