Week 3: Weather, Climate, Biomes, and Aquatic Environments - Assignments - Essay Example

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Regardless to its environmental initiatives, policies and programs, the government cannot achieve maximum protection for the natural environment without the commitment of its citizens. Many individuals are unaware…
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Week 3: Weather, Climate, Biomes, and Aquatic Environments - Assignments
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Weather, Climate, Biomes, and Aquatic Environments Introduction Today, environment conservation is mandatory to the government.Regardless to its environmental initiatives, policies and programs, the government cannot achieve maximum protection for the natural environment without the commitment of its citizens. Many individuals are unaware of the current situations, and lack the knowledge of why the environmental is crucial pertaining support to human kind. It is important to stress and educate our population and stress the importance of taking responsibility for one’s surrounding. This paper takes a detail account on the several environmental issues that does explain why environmental consciousness is of importance to the preservation and conservation of our natural resources.
The conservation of wetlands
This entails the region, which is neither water nor dry land. On other hand, it refers the existence of aquatic interface and terrestrial ecosystems. Wetlands basically, form a habitat of unique species that interacts in a special way with its environment. Wetlands are very important to our quality of life. For instance, human begins do grow crops which later helps to produce food. Furthermore, some birds habitat this environment. Following this, it is important for the local and national governments to enact laws and regulations that will reinforce the preservation of wetlands. Notably, some state does regulate the activity in the wetlands. However, it includes having programs that control this water catchment area. By statistics, almost 70% of wetlands are under the ownership of some individuals. Education to private ownership on how to protect these environments is vital. However, many non-governmental organizations and individual citizens do support educational programs concerning wetland conservation. One of the steps is to; identify the wetland area and learn about its ecosystem. In pointing out, Delta Marsh is one of the largest wetland in North America where the university is controlling the ecosystem.
Maintaining the integrity of our soil
Primarily, it is well known that a good soil signifies better viability of life. Although soil erosion is a natural phenomenon, much of today’s soil erosion is not of natural causes but man’s doing. By definition, soil erosion is the shifting of soil particles by rain melt, or wind. In addition, soil erosion can cause nutrients loss, which may negatively influence natural ecosystems.
Since essentially soil erosion is a man’s doing, and then there are many ways we can change in order to prevent further erosion from happening. some of this include planting vegetables, matting, fertilizer or mulching and lastly constructing edging or retaining walls(De Lacerda,2009).it is important to study the land and put in use, the method that suits the area best. Being mindful of soil preservation is essential. The survival of life, including human being, depends on the quality of the soil. Notably, if whole community puts in efforts to conserve soil, humus will increase on the top soil. Due to this, the soil will be favorable to the crops and hence this will result in high farm products output.
Keeping our coastline beautiful
Keeping coastlines and intercostals beautiful is of great significance. Floating rubbish and litters is not attractive. Additionally, there are hazards for example, litters can block water pathways leading to stagnant water, which may breed mosquitoes and intern harm us. Furthermore, when litter accumulates in water pathway, it can change the flow of the water, and intern can be dangerous for human kind. It is beneficial for all individuals to take responsibility in cleaning the coastlines. In alliteration, education is the key.
Protecting endangered species
Tundra climate is a vast, flat, treeless Arctic region of Europe, Asia and North America in which the subsoil is permanently frozen. Habitat to this area must adapt to its harsh climatic condition. Majorly, some of the animals that live here are Arctic Fox, Musk Ox. Caribou, and Polar Bear. It is discouraging to note that some of these animals are threatened by poaching, and the climate disruption caused by global warming. Anti-poaching unit is on the look out to stop this unpleasing habit. Furthermore, individuals in the area do undergo educative programs on the importance of these animals to government’s economy.
Preservation of Mangrove Ecosystem
Mangroves thrive in the tropical conditions and are under threat. It is noted that many portion of mangrove forest has been destroyed, hence this is alarming issue. Destruction is due to clearing, changes in the water flows, climate change and pollution evident in Umlalazi in Dubai.
Following the above, there is program is place that aims in protecting mangroves, for instance-Mangrove Replenishment Initiative and the forest departmental reinforcement in Dubai.
In conclusion, we do depend on the environment for survival, and therefore our ability to nature and protect the great diversity of ecosystem will pay us back. However, everyone should be conscious and mindful for environment conservation, and this benefit all life on the earth.
De Lacerda, D.L. (2009). Mangrove Ecosystems: Function and Management. New York,
NY: Springer. Read More
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