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The formation of national movements can be dated in 1970’s when people protested against nuclear energy. This was done locally by…
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A Brief History of Environmental Movements
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A Brief History of Environmental Movements Introduction Environmental movements are the organised social-political parties formed by members of a global community to protect the natural environment. The formation of national movements can be dated in 1970’s when people protested against nuclear energy. This was done locally by residents who joined hands to prevent the production of the dangerous nuclear weapons. It evolved from local membership to professional membership consisting of specialists. At the time, about ten organizations had been registered as environmental parties where its members increased from one million to seven million in numbers (Karan & Suganuma 4).
Climate change was experienced way back during colonial period. Destructive human activities practiced long ago, has continued to the contemporary times. People nowadays continue to practice Deforestation, poor fishing methods, water pollution and has lead to adverse climate change. There is shortage of food, reduction in aquatic and wild life species as well as depletion of soil formation. It has however come to be felt throughout the world by its effects and that is why environmental movements are continuously formed worldwide to address the situation.
Women environmental heroes and die hards like Amrita Devi who formed a strong revolution to protect the trees. She was just a woman with an unbelievable passion and courage that not even many men could possess. She fought through pain and blood just to protect the trees which they believed was sacred. The group encircled the trees and was killed in huge numbers one after the other before the government intervened. After the brutality, three hundred and sixty two lives were lost inclusive of the matriarch. This was a phenomenon effort to protect the environment.
Industrial revolution was a major transition of events which brought about the modern agriculture farming, infrastructure, technology, modern heath care, commerce and civilization. This revolution however came with a lot of demerits. Some of the problems included water and land pollution from the steamship, slavery, nuclear radiation as well as pollution of the air due to the smoke. Industrialization is the mother of modernization across the world. It brought about machinery, chemicals like pesticides as well as insecticides. These chemicals have greatly affected human and animal life through the food chain. Numerous heath complications have been brought about by the consumption of chemically processed foods.
Climate change is a major issue throughout the globe. It is caused by irresponsible human practices which in return avenges in an aggressive manner. It brings about changed weather patterns which adversely affect human and animal life. Climate change promotes global warming and the latter hugely affects everything on earth. It affects the migration of animals due to changed weather patterns, extinction of tropical trees and its species dependent on the cold weather, diseases brought about by insects like mosquitoes, pre mature greening of plantation, altered laying of birds, tampered oceanic temperatures leading to loss of aquatic species and not forgetting physical damage to humans.
What are the nuclear making nations doing to prevent nuclear radiation?
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