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The paper 'Speech by the President in a National Address to America’s Schoolchildren' presents the speech given by President Obama to the schoolchildren of America on 8 September 2009 which was an expression of greater emphasis on the idea of self-responsibility…
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Speech by the President in a National Address to Americas Schoolchildren
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He remarked that not only scientific and technical but also purely economic and business advancement of the U.S. are strongly dependent on the new generations’ capacity for making rational and creative decisions. And for this end, the high-quality education, and the students’ resolve to attain it is indispensable.
I would note that Barack Obama’s speech underscored the planned administration’s policies aimed at boosting the youngsters’ resolve to follow through their school years without dropping out. The main concern that may have been discerned in the speech is that over the youth’s contribution to the society’s performance in such fields as the economy and science. Both fields are greatly affected by the current crisis; therefore, it is natural that the President should draw attention to them in his speech.
It total, I believe that the speech by Barack Obama managed to convey the sense of the necessity for pursuing one’s chosen goals in life in order to achieve success, on the audience he addressed. Read More
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