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W 3: Electronic Messages and Memorandums -(Effective Writing in the Workplace) The Impact of Technology - Essay Example

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There are both advantages and disadvantages to everything, in today’s world where everything seems more convenient and accessible. Numerous great discoveries…
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W 3: Electronic Messages and Memorandums -(Effective Writing in the Workplace) The Impact of Technology
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Extract of sample "W 3: Electronic Messages and Memorandums -(Effective Writing in the Workplace) The Impact of Technology"

How Have Technological Advances Affected Work Place There is no doubt that advancement in technology has brought great success but it has also ruined great organizations. There are both advantages and disadvantages to everything, in today’s world where everything seems more convenient and accessible. Numerous great discoveries have been made in medical, agriculture, education but at the same time it has made employee’s dependant on it meaning, when a computer crashes or the power goes down it makes people almost disable till the problem is rectified.
This has put people at a great disadvantage because without technology people feel less self- reliant. Where it has made people more cost efficient, saving time and money which contributes in the economy on the positive level on the other hand because of this, human workers have left less importance because machines and computers can perform tasks of 10 people at once which is why companies don’t find it feasible to employ workers. This way people will lose their jobs and it will continue to grow as a global issue. Although more disabled people with physical and mental injuries are able to find jobs due to technological advancements. (Lane & F.S. 2003)
Employers indeed have the rights to access their employee’s workspace, lockers and their computers since they technically belong to the employer. Some states also have laws regarding searches through employee’s stuff including their emails, documents saved on their computers and their calls being monitored including text messages. A person has little or no privacy at work; however they can be entitled to privacy to an extent depending on their state’s law.
Lane, F. S. (2003). The naked employee: How technology is compromising workplace privacy. New York: Amacom. Read More
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W 3: Electronic Messages and Memorandums -(Effective Writing in the Essay.
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