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1 & 2 - Assignment Example

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Generally, it refers to the public perception towards an organization or an institution. The public perception is usually influenced by the activities or conduct of the organization or institution. The public…
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Assignment 1 & 2
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Extract of sample "1 & 2"

Download file to see previous pages Major organizations have established public relation department which focuses on how to impress the society.
As much as strategies are usually applied to improve the public relation, ethics and company policies are the major influences. For example, if a child loses their life in a school compound, the public reaction towards the school would be very negative. The society will view the institution as an enemy to the community. With years the public relations are becoming difficult to improve. The society’s priorities towards organizations and institutions are increasing. This may be attributed to increased business ventures and the exposure to information. In schools the situation is the same. In the modern century school’s public relations should also be improved (Kowalski, 2010).
1. The implementation of PR is faced by several shortcomings. These shortcomings are based on understanding, accepting and acting. These barriers tend not to help in the influencing of the public’s perception towards the institution. Barriers to accepting are the barriers that prevent the public from accepting the PR implementation policies. According to Kowalski (2010) this barrier may be influenced by both internal and external factors. On internal factors, the institution may by having problems in influencing an ethical environment. The internal causes are mostly influenced by the conduct of the staff and administrators. If the institution has an appropriate PR implementation strategies and the conduct of the administrators is unethical, the public may find it difficult to accept the PR implementation policies. External factors are based on the fact that the public is exposed to many similar competitors. The institutions incentives may be not good enough to fulfill the priorities of the public hence they fail to accept any PR offering. A barrier to acting is the barrier that prevents the public from fulfilling their part as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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