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Private Institutions vs. Public Institutions - Research Paper Example

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This discussion Private Institutions vs. Public Institutions talks that sociology of education is the in-depth scrutiny of the manner in which public institutions and personal or individual life experiences influence education and the general outcomes…
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Private Institutions vs. Public Institutions
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Download file to see previous pages This report declares that sociology of education helps in understanding the entire education system, finding the strengths and weaknesses. In order to do proper formulation of guidelines and planning of a viable system to perfectly suit man and society. Sociology of education places the teacher in a better position of understanding social issues and their related problems in relation to the schooling environment thus enabling the teacher to relate morally, ethically and professionally. In other words, it gives the teacher in depth understanding of the student cultural background and socio-cultural setup, hence helping them to understand it better themselves.
This paper discusses that education is a formal process through which society willingly passes down accumulated customs, values, skills, and knowledge from generation to generation. In light with this notion about education, there are many functions connected to its necessity hence its core basis. Some of the outlined objectives of education thus include development of value and attitudes. The basis of any society is inclined on its values whether social, cultural or political. These values act as the pillars on which the society’s stability rests upon. For this value to be existent, it calls for personal/individual orientation. Education through any of its institutional setups is formulated to create an environment geared towards the achievement of social integration. Individuals in school setups are drawn from different social backgrounds. In order for the school to function as a system, it calls for shedding of the self to allow for the inclusion of the “otherness”. By this, therefore, we mean that a much as one will hold unto individuality, individualism has to be suppressed if the school has to operate as a joint. The education, therefore, is designed to instill interrelation ability and foster national unity, despite the existing diversity among students in terms of class, race and gender. One of the many objectives of education is to foster a country’s national development and propagate its economic growth. In order for this to be realized, it follows that individuals ought to understand their obligation in relation to their contribution to this goal. Education enhances the achievement of this objective through two major ways: firstly, through education, on is able to know and understand the main pillars of economic development. By so doing, the system thus helps an individual to strategically, position himself or herself in carrying out this function. Secondly, education helps in shaping up people to act as tools of development. This is to say that educated people understand best about what to do, how to do it, where and when to perform the specified duties as expected ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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