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Business Strategy: ABCD Case - Essay Example

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Business Strategy Name: Institution: ABCD Case ABCD is a privately owned adult education college based in the United Kingdom. This institution has operated as adult education provider for the last ten years, and it currently has a total number of fifty employees both working as full-time and part-time employees…
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Business Strategy: ABCD Case
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Download file to see previous pages These will be not be the only course provided, since a decision was made that other courses will be introduced as soon as possible in commensurate with the growth. Since this is the institution’s first assignment outside the UK, the Board feels that there are a number of factors, which will affect their institution while opening abroad. As a freelance consultant, I was contacted by the college’s Board of Directors to give a report on certain aspects of business strategy they should consider before expanding its programs outside the UK. ABCD Stakeholders Stakeholders also known as “interested parties” is a group of actors (persons or organizations) who have pulled their interests together in the policy that is being promoted (Botten, 2005 p6). Stakeholders are grouped into the following categories: public, commercial/private, international, national, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), political, Users/consumers, and civil society (Botten, 2005 p6). ABCD’s stakeholders include students, lecturers, government, academic and administrative staff, employers, prospective students and their relatives, and institutional managers. Stakeholder Grid Stakeholder Interests Benefits Challenges Administrative staff deals with the managing institutions affairs. Manages the institution’s administration affairs such as students’ affairs, employees’ affairs and finances. Easy access to the institution’s financial statements, employees’ records, students’ records. Are engaged in policy making. Are cautious about data sensitivity issues such as confidentiality, accuracy and privacy. Accountability to the institution’s finances. Institution managers are involved in the top management and decision making process Creating a favorable environment that enhances quality academic performance. Easy access to the institutions administrative records, and other resources. Creating an optimum environment that motivates both students and employees. Students are the adult pursuing various courses provided by the institution. Need access to relevant academic lecturers, and reference materials. They acquire relevant skills and knowledge required for pursuing their respective career choices. They have to work hard and certify board’s requirements in order to qualify in their respective fields. Teaching staff consist of researchers, lecturers, and tutors who teach and examine the students. Networking with their colleagues either within or outside the institution. Practicing and perfecting in their area of profession. Getting further access to academic materials and authors contacts. Promoting their profession beyond academic audiences. Increasing efficiency in conducting academic researches. Offering standardize knowledge and skills to all students. Balancing between lectures and carrying out academic researches. Subordinate staff consists of all non-teaching staff members who conduct other institutions’ tasks. Improving the institutions’ image and reputation of its stakeholders Easy access to the institutions resources and other academic materials. Delivering their duties to the institution’s set standards. Environmental Audit in relation to India (PESTLE Analysis) Political: Language, caste and religion are the key determinants of political and social organization in India. India is a democratic nation that is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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