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The article offers the suggestion that contemporary meaning of retention and graduation proportion provide unclear depiction of students; success through limitation of students’ success to attainment of a degree. However, a vivid depiction has become evident with the…
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Annotated Bibliography Practice
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Annotated Bibliography Practice Jones-White, D., Radcliffe, P., Huesman, R., & Kellogg, J. . Redefining Success: Applying Different Multinomial Regression Techniques for the Study of Student Graduation across Institutions of Higher Education. Res High Educ, 51:154–174.
DOI 10.1007/s11162-009-9149-4
The article offers the suggestion that contemporary meaning of retention and graduation proportion provide unclear depiction of students; success through limitation of students’ success to attainment of a degree. However, a vivid depiction has become evident with the integration of data from NSC. According to the article, NSC data incorporate retention and graduation at admission and transfer schools or colleges. The article presents more complicated modeling techniques that ought to be utilized in order to contain the current meaning of success. The techniques ought to have partially dependent variables that allow every aspect to be considered. The article presents multinomial logit as the most comprehensible technique although it requires stringent assumptions that may be deemed inapt.
According to this publication, discovering parameters that direct to attainment in diverse paths that scholars pursue necessitate statistical approaches deemed appropriate for variables bearing multiple categories. Selection of the right tool that would be required to model the presented data is vital to personal comprehension of the meaning of success. In accordance to the article, the parameters utilized in the model have a foundation on Tinto’s conjecture of student persistence. The data sample provided for the study is substantial to offer accurate outcomes concerning students’ success. The novel meaning of attainment serves as the dependent variable in order to prevent bias of the study. However, several independent variables are incorporated into the model. The methodology offered for the study is effective for several models, considering some of these models have offered consistent results.
However, some models offer blind outcomes since they have numerous limitations that may influence the last results. According to the article, academic preparation and performance have considerable influence on various independent variables. The study has numerous limitations and determining parameters to include offers substantial bias to the offered results.
Téllez, K. (2011). A case study of a career in education that began with “Teach
for America” Teaching Education, 22(1):15–38.
DOI: 10.1080/10476210.2010.541238
The author of this article offers outcomes of seven-year case study concerning an instructor who commenced his career with no official pre-service instructor’s edification. In accordance to the article, the author utilizes biographical research technique to present data on how the educator utilized individual resources and confidence obtained through partaking in Teach for America. The article discusses inferences for current instructor training and function of multicultural learning courses. Additionally, the article offers reasons why personalized educator training programs ought to be routinely utilized. The article asserts that some educators obtain their psychology through intuitions at considerably effective extents relative to a certain number of educators with substantial quantities of reflective study. The article suggests that teachers cannot be manufacture rather they are strengthen and made knowledge, owing to their capabilities to educate.
The article aims at revealing how an outstanding collection of mental and pedagogical sources intermingles to influence the occupation of a teacher who commences edifying, short of professional training. The author utilized lengthy interviews to obtain data that reflected earlier recollections and experiences. The technique utilized was BNIM that offer the most suitable avenue for acquiring the necessary data. Therefore, the technique utilized in the study is effective since it generated the required data sets.
According to the article, several connections were established regarding Steven’s teaching career and his development. The article offers evidence that Steven was triumphant in the initial year despite the reality that he lacked training. Additionally, the study presented in the article asserts that Steven was assisted by personal motivation to study his student’s relations outside the institution despite working in foreign cultural context. Considering these, teacher training has no justifiable stance against commencing educators especially if the educators have the natural capacity to undertake teaching. The article and its study can be considered effective, considering that the data utilized is obtained through personal interview to an experienced educator. Read More
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