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Radio - Essay Example

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This was formulated by Michel Faraday. Joseph Henry is also associated with the same concept. The theory formulates that electrical current flowing from a wire induces or creates the electric transmission…
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Extract of sample "Radio"

Radio Common 72 of the Radio The advent of radio can be one of the pioneering technological evolutions and is widely used all over the world.
It was in the early 1800’s that the theory of inductance was developed. This was formulated by Michel Faraday. Joseph Henry is also associated with the same concept. The theory formulates that electrical current flowing from a wire induces or creates the electric transmission in rest of the wires. In 1887, Heinrich Hertz gave the insight on the electromagnetic waves of energy. Thus the unit of frequency was named after him as Hertz. In 1892, Edouard Branley invented that metal are more responsive to the electromagnetic energy. After fine study and exploring these inventions, it was on 12th December, 1901 that Guglielmo Marconi transmitted the letter “S” from Podhu in Cornwall, and received at St. John’s Newfoundland. This was the memorable moment in the history as radio was invented.
Later, Sir Ambose Fleming developed the diode electron tube which can detect high frequency radio waves. Canadian scientist Fesseden, who is considered as the father of Broad casting radio, was successful in transmitting human voice and music without wires. In 1906, Lee De Forest invented the audion, the first triode electron tube to amplify radio waves. Armstrong developed frequency modulation, in 1918, which reduced interference and noise. The radio was actually born at the time of World War II as Voice of America and was used to transmit information and propaganda during the war. There were shows like the Words of War which was an anthology of war stories.
After finding the interesting facts on the invention, it would be good to understand how to build a radio. We can make the crystal radio that is simple and can be made with household items.
Materials needed:
Capacitor: aluminum foil, paper towel roll, wire, tape
Coils: toilet paper roll, magnet wire
Wood: with the flat base, wiper blade of V shape and stand to hold the capacitor
1N34 germanium diode
Antenna: 15 foot wire
2000 ohms ear piece
1. Cut the foil into 6×6 inch and tape onto the paper tower. Leave 1cm at the bottom. Cut another 7×7 piece of white paper and keep the 6×6 inch on the middle of it. Wrap it to the paper towel roll using the tape and ensure that we can slide it up and down with ease.
2. Take a piece of wire one string long and get 90 degree turn and tape it to the top corner of the free moving foil. Cut another piece of the wire the same way and paste it to the bottom which doesn’t move.
3. Take the toilet paper roll and place the tapes twice on the same direction. Peel back one of the tapes and place the wire by leaving one foot long and start spinning on the roll about 25 turns. Leave the other end of the wire at the same direction nearly one foot long. Paste the tape again. To make the second coil we use 90 turns and start spinning from 1/8th of the inch from the first coil.
4. Take the piece of wood which can hold the capacitor and can be moved freely. Place the top of the coil to contact with the blade to tune.
5. For earth ground connection we can use the plug and household wiring. Place the other end to the flat wood and tape it.
6. To get the antenna use the 15 foot wire laid out on the floor. And tape the other end on the flat wood.
7. Use the diode which has grey stripe on one end and tape it with the colored stripe facing outwards.
8. Use the 2000 ohms ear piece, Take the coils end of the wire and scrape gently to remove the enamel or dissolve it in nail polish remover. Attach the ear piece wire and the coils wire with the ground connected wire on the wood and twist the wire tightly. Take the diode wire and the ear piece wire and twist it tightly. Take another wire and connect it with the blade and the ground connection.
9. Adjust the wiper as a tuner to hear and then rotate the capacitor.
Conclusion: This gets the power from the radio waves and we can tune according to the frequency that it can receive.
Care has to be taken while making the radio and the parts have to be kept in right order. If they are not placed properly then it may not allow us to get proper signals.
The same situation I had to go through when I was preparing the crystal radio. I used the CD player’s earphone and was unable to hear.
Once I replaced it with the 2000 ohms ear piece it allowed the crystal radio to work.
This made the concept clear that, “A sensitive earphone does not use very much current to create the sound. Another way of saying this is that not much current is going through the earphone. Our radio needs a certain amount of current to flow through the diode in order to work.”(Homemade Radio)
The self made radio has boosted the confidence level. It gave the basic idea about the circuit elements which are essential for receiving radio signals. Once the radio is built, it made me listen to the radio broadcasts. There were some hurdles on the way which helped me to face it as a challenge and overcome by learning new concepts. As the work was practically executed it provides the insight on different aspects that has to be followed in a chronological order and to give positive results. The usage of radio has made the world find the effective channel of communication.
These concepts can form the foundation to build radio in cars. This can be the best way to utilize the learning and explore it at the fullest.
It would be an added advantage to our studies when we can get the details on the making of the radio. There are interesting facts that can help us to comprehend more and one of them is regarding the discovery of radio waves.
One of the findings in the earlier 1930’s gives us more insight on its usage.
It was after three years of the discovery of Universe by Hubble, that there was a huge revolution in the field of astronomy. There was a discovery regarding the mysterious object that lies in the dust of the centre of the Milky Way. It opened up the new path in the field with the discovery of radio waves in the sky.
It was in the year 1930 that Karl Guthe Jansky was working in the Bell Laboratories as a Physicist. His work included identifying the interferences that occurs in the 15 meter wave length. His work was to record the wave length and provide the calculated data. He worked almost a year and was able to get more information. He found that, they are of three forms. It was from earth’s ion. One of the forms was from the thunderstorms and the third one was a mysterious one. He could relate it with the sun’s rays. He inferred that it comes with the rose of the sun and rotates the whole day. It sets as the sun sets. Later he could comprehend that the mysterious object also drifted away from the sun and pointed towards the constellation Sagittarius. This unknown object was in the centre of the galaxy and it relates with many strange objects. This pointed out to the unknown object and can make the discovery which was with radiances that has many light years.
As time passed astronomers did research on this and found that this is a super massive block four times bigger and provides equivalent sounds and considered to be the radio waves. This proved the theory that the radio waves are found in the Milky Way.
After building radio by using simple homemade items it builds in confidence that it is with strong observation and by analyzing the thoughts one would bring in new concepts in to existence. We need to be vigilant with the surroundings and make the best utilization. The invention of radio can provide the individual with the insight on the various scientific features and help to apply on their day to day life.
The show that provides the audience with the insight on discovery of science is How It’s made. The show that was related to the usage of radio waves in the microwaves oven shows how the radio waves are transformed with the electromagnetic cooking energy.
The oven consists of the cooking chamber, wave guide, rotator tray, capacitor and magnetron. From the show it reveals that it works with the help of electric current which flows from the transformer. The transformer and the capacitor super charge the electricity and feed it to the electric magnetron.
During the making of a radio we have seen the same application of technology. It is the foundation for any work that is related with radio waves. Based on this many new concepts are formed.
This can be a great experience and to have strong foundation with the basic knowledge and can be used at the appropriate manner. This kind of radio discovery has proved that the invention brings in the application of new concepts and helps mankind to uplift their way of leading the life. The technological advancement can provide the enthusiasm to work towards it and achieve success with flying colors.
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