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In this condition a child becomes nervous and fearful whenever he is separated from a loved one which is usually a parent or sometime another person to whom the child is attached. The condition does…
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Separation and anxieties
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Separation anxiety is a type of disorder which some of the children suffer from. In this condition a child becomes nervous and fearful whenever he is separated from a loved one which is usually a parent or sometime another person to whom the child is attached. The condition does not only affect the mind but sometimes children also exhibit physical symptoms like stomachaches, headaches and nausea. In certain cases just the thought of being separated induces these feelings. This fear of separation brings a great distress to the wellbeing of the child as it makes him socially awkward along with interfering with other child’s normal activities, like going to school or to play. Approximately four to five percent of the children in US suffer from this disorder. The disorder is not sex-specific meaning that it affects both males and females equally. The disorder usually wears off during the teens or puberty however a small percentage of people still retain it.
Separation anxiety is a natural phenomenon in babies that are of the age group two to four since that is the time when they need their parents’ constant attention. However as the children grow up and start to become a little independent, this feeling dies off. In some cases, the anxiety persists and hence results in this so called separation anxiety disorder. There are many symptoms which may point towards the presence of this order. Some of the most common ones include not going to school or bed without the parents or a caretaker. Also there is a persistent fear in the minds of these children that something bad will happen to the guardian if they are separated from them which causes them to cry or act in a very hyper manner.
Separation anxiety disorder has multiple origins. The most obvious being some mental distress or trauma that a child has gone through like an accident or a death in the family. However many a times the parents themselves are responsible for this condition. Sometimes the anxiety is mutual and a greater contribution comes from the side of the parents who refuse to let go of their children alone. Children whose parents are over protective have a greater likelihood of suffering from the separation anxiety disorder. The disorder is also thought to have genetic origins and it is said that parents who suffer or suffered from separation anxiety have a greater probability of having children who have to go through the same thing. During normal conditions the separation anxiety symptoms usually subside when the child gets assured that the parents reappear after being out of sight for some time.
There are a number of treatments for the disorder, most of which are based on the psychotherapy. Success is more likely if the parents intervene early on and take their children for the treatment if they suspect that he is exhibiting the symptoms. These treatments range from the cognitive behavioral therapy to play therapy to different relaxation techniques which help reduce the separation anxiety.
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