Article #5 Joy in School by Steven Wolk - Essay Example

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This gives internal motivation and creates the ability to tackle difficulties in learning as part of learning (Wolk, 2010).
Students should be given a chance to choose what best suits their…
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Article #5 Joy in School by Steven Wolk
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Joy in school For learning to be joyful, an educator has to make sure that a child enjoys learning. This gives internal motivation and creates the ability to tackle difficulties in learning as part of learning (Wolk, 2010).
Students should be given a chance to choose what best suits their interest. They learn a wide range of activities. In class, learning is shallow because choice is hardly administered. An educator can also give a student freedom to choice topics to study in an exploratory study. Students should be given a chance to build new thing from imagination. Coming up with new things gives a student sense of importance. They become empowered and given a chance to experience how demanding invention is (Wolk, 2010).
Teachers should provide space in school and exhibit students’ original work. They can decide to place photographs of students against their work. A student comes up with ideas and teachers help to design and develop them. School space should be welcoming and lively. They give a feeling of freedom to learn than boredom and rigidity (Wolk, 2010). Students should have free areas where they can read from and discuss. They should be colorful to set in a vibrant and joyful sight.
Students should be allowed to spend some time outdoors and interact with nature. Going for recess and having outdoor classes set them in a jovial mood. Reading of excellent books like story books gives joy to students since they are not too serious books. Arts and gym classes should be considered as valuable as the other classes. Students have different talents, which can only be realized if given a chance. Assessment in school should be made more friendly experience (Wolk, 2010). Students should be helped to learn that failure is part of learning.
Wolk, S. (2008, September 20). Joy in school. Educational leadership , p. 7. Read More
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