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Children comprehend the language well because they are able to decode syntactical structures and words when using picture books with a musical language. The children seem to understand music very easily because they are helped by the language which they have already understood…
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Question and Answer
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"Question and Answer"

Download file to see previous pages d by the pictures in the book and they can be able to predict the next writings and the next picture thus making use of their memory and the beginning knowledge. Children try to build their vocabulary on the basis of what they have heard and they can easily remember. Children try to complete what they hear or see to get satisfaction or disruption if not well predicted. The playfulness and the general activities done by the child depend on the content the child has been fed with. Rhythm from a musical language that is used in a picture book once it has got into the child, it travels through the kid’s legs and arms making the child make movements that go in line with the rhythm of the book.
The young learners tend read very loud the few sentences that accompany the pictures in the picture book. This is necessitated by the fact that the language used in the sentences has capturing rhythms and stresses in their structures in addition to the captivating pictures.
Children concentrate most to pages in the picture books that contain pictures and the few words that are expressive enough. Pages that that are not expressive enough, make children to lack concentration and subsequent distracted eyes, whispering to each other and even restless legs that can end up disturbing even the few who are concentrating
Musicality is a key component in a picture book because musical attributes like imagery and rhythm are used to enhance musicality in a picture book thus appealing to the child.”Whistling wind, rolling thunder, screeching cats, creaking floorboards, turning doorknobs-sounds from afar and sounds getting closer; the stuff of spooky stories, ghosts and haunted houses in the night” (Cheng 2012 pg. 1-2). The use of –ing at the end of the words brings the regular rhyme scheme that is best suited for musicality. This musicality is what that makes the picture book enjoyable to children.
Both music and picture books are used for the development of the child especially ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Question and Answer Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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