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Hardsellling the Homeless - Essay Example

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This paper 'Hardsellling the Homeless" focuses on the fact that the for-profit universities’ initiatives to target the homeless should be encouraged with the provision that they establish criteria for qualifying applicants to ensure that only committed applicants are admitted. …
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Hardsellling the Homeless
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Extract of sample "Hardsellling the Homeless"

 Ethical principles together with the doctrine of social responsibility, however, develop a more intrusive understanding into the matter. Based on the ethical principle of utilitarianism and the general need for social responsibility, the institutions’ move to campaign for education for homeless is called for. Utilitarianism advocates for consequential judgment and the need to ensure social good (Carroll and Buchholtz, p. 228).
2. While it may be argued that some of the sponsored individuals do not complete their studies and pass the financial burden to tax payers, it should be noted that cutting the funding would block some of the homeless who are determined complete the university programs but lacks the opportunity. This is because even though the institutions rely heavily on government expenditure for their revenue and that the government has increased allocations for financing the program, the government has a responsibility to undertake such expenditures (Carroll and Buchholtz, p. 228).
3. The ‘for profit’ institutions may similarly be exploitative in their initiative but the results of their drive, if the recruits complete the programs are beneficial. Though most of the recruits into the for-profit university programs are also motivated by the availability of funds rather than academic needs, stopping the funding may unfairly hinder education to genuine students (Carroll and Buchholtz, p. 228).
4. The program also facilitates self-reliance upon completion of education by the homeless to the society’s benefit (Carroll and Buchholtz, p. 228).
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(Hardsellling the Homeless Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 363 Words - 1)
Hardsellling the Homeless Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 363 Words - 1.
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