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Individual Transition Plan for MIchael (student with learning disability) - Assignment Example

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He spends most of his time making artistic drawings of both imaginary and real objects. He is sensitive to crowds of people. Therefore, he tends to ignore his peers and does not communicate with others. However, Michael has…
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Individual Transition Plan for MIchael (student with learning disability)
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Download file to see previous pages Jefferson School of Arts will evaluate the drawing and assess Michael’s chances of becoming a professional artist (McDonnell, Hardman, and McDonnell 75).
Michael will remain in Jefferson Middle School until September 2001 to improve on his literacy, numeracy, communication, and general life skills. In January 2002, Michael will join Jefferson School of Arts to pursue a professional career in drawing
The teacher will tutor the student throughout the academic year until September 2001. The teacher will continuously evaluate Michael’s progress though observation, homework, class work, quizzes, and tests. In September 2001, the teacher will assess if the targets spelt out in the IEP have been achieved.
By the end of his training in professional drawing in December 2003, Michael should be able to draw good images, market his drawing, and be qualified for employment in a drawing studio or any other organization that may require his services.
After graduating from Jefferson School of Arts, Michael will return to Fine Arts Studio on voluntary basis. This will enable Michael develop his drawing skills in a business environment. Michael will also acquire practical experience that will enable him adopt properly and excel in formal employment or be able to run his own business.
During his time as a volunteer at Fine Arts Studio, Michael will get 30% of the proceeds made from his drawings. When fully competent with his work, he will apply for a competitive employment position in Fine Arts Studio or any other organization that may require his services (Thoma 6).
He will be placed in the production department for the first 3 months where he will work under the supervisor a professional drawing artist. He will be evaluated at the end of the first 3 months to establish if he is fit for permanent employment.
Michael will continue living with his family after graduating from Jefferson School of Arts. The family will explore the long-term possibilities of independent ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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