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Let them die - Essay Example

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She dies with her own language. Over the past decades, a large number of languages have died in the same fashion. Mardrell died in 1974 he took an ancient Manx language to the…
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Let them die
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"Let them die"

Download file to see previous pages 500 hundred languages are spoken by less than 100 speakers; another 1500 languages are spoken by less than 1000 speakers. Most of the languages will survive in the next decades. Such disappearances are galvanized into action in increasingly vocal campaign to preserve a linguistic diversity. When a language dies we lose the possibilities of a unique way of describing and perceiving the world.
The effect of homogenizing monoculture upon the ways of life, pop ham was afraid of the spread of English by the American culture; it was delivered by Japanese technology and hegemony of a few notable transactional languages. David a linguist echoed the sentiments last year. We care about the dying languages which reduces the diversity of the planets.
Vanishing voices, Daniel and Suzanne, link to preserve languages to the campaign for fundamental human rights and protection the minority groups which is regarded as aggressive cultural imperialism and globalization, they argue in a bench mark in cultural diversity. Death of languages is symptomatic cultural death a way life disappears.
The point of any language is to enable communication, the translator Miguel Leon and renowned Mexican historian has put it in order to survive, a language must have a functional language spoken by few or a hundred, is not a language. Enriching to learn other languages delve into other cultures, but it is not because different cultures and languages are unique. Making across contact of barriers of culture and languages allows room for expansion of horizons and becomes more universal (Lyons, 148).
Human capacity of any language shapes the way of thinking, most linguists long given idea about people perception of the world, and concepts they hold. French speakers view the universe differently from the English speakers; they speak French which is clearly absurd. Biological notions of racial differences have fallen into disfavor, as a result, of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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