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Discuss the impact on your learners of your professional skills (for example in my development of literacy numeracy and ICT skills) and of my interpersonal skills - Essay Example

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To help us understand this, let’s first look at the impact of the teacher’s skills on the students. (Midoro 2005)
The professional skills of the…
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Discuss the impact on your learners of your professional skills (for example in my development of literacy numeracy and ICT skills) and of my interpersonal skills
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"Discuss the impact on your learners of your professional skills (for example in my development of literacy numeracy and ICT skills) and of my interpersonal skills"

Download file to see previous pages The student is able to make a judgment about the relevance and adequacy of information available online. This requires the use of digital literacy skills that are gotten from the expertise from the expertise of the teacher.
The professional skills of the teacher impact communication skills to the students. Through the teacher’s skills the students to transmit the information faster and to a wider audience hence improving the relations of the students.
Integration is another skill impacted to the student by the teacher through his professional skills. This involves the student interpretation and representation of information using different ICT tools. The student is able to summarize, compare and contrast information.
Teachers make students to have self confidence they require in handling of ICT issues and other matters of life. A teacher should encourage a student and correct the student’s mistakes. This will encourage the student to be confident in his/her ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discuss the Impact on Your Learners of Your Professional Skills (for Essay.
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