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Girl with the brown crayon by vivian paley - Book Report/Review Example

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The book is quite intriguing and has many teachings regarding child development. Paley has a nifty way with children in her narration, and the book is necessary to read…
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Girl with the brown crayon by vivian paley
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Extract of sample "Girl with the brown crayon by vivian paley"

Girl with the brown crayon by Vivian Paley The book, “Girl with the brown crayon” illustrates a black five-year-old girl of delightful character. The book is quite intriguing and has many teachings regarding child development. Paley has a nifty way with children in her narration, and the book is necessary to read (Paley 23). Her proficiency shines through the way she is able to capture the reader’s attention in narration. The novel takes us to Paley’s class as she gets into her final year of teaching (Paley 23).
Young girl in her class called Reeny amazes Paley. Reeny loves to draw herself in crayon. She is also struck by the way Reeny is able to interact with those around her (Paley, 23). She is extremely creative and enjoys amusing her fellow students with songs and funny stories. It was through Reeny that we get to learn of a character called Leo Lionni. Paley then later decides to make Leo Lionni a central figure in her class since the children are all aware of him. Reeny is well versed with Leo Lionni and is chosen to help the class understand and relate to Leo Lionni. The children even try out arguing virtues as well as flaws of Lionni’s conceptions and the many variant themes he elicits in these stories. The children are also encouraged to read other books and find characters to relate to which they later act out. The children find fun in trying to sketch and make posters of their favorite characters (Paley 23).
Apart from focusing on characters, Paley helps the children understand the significance of establishing formal relations and learning to diversify and fit in different situations (Paley 23). The attitude Paley develops in children helps them accept each other in class regardless of their ethnic differences (Paley 23). Through Lionni’s books, the children pick out characters like Mr. McMouse and Frederick whom they try to impersonate. Reeny for instance likes Frederick who she says likes colors just like her.
The story of the “Girl with the brown crayon” is projected to be a straightforward story showing the teacher-student relationship and how it helps intertwine different themes regarding race, identity and gender and the essentiality of creating a sense of belonging (Paley 23). She develops the character of Reeny so well that she makes the essence of school and becomes a common point of reference in a classroom set up (Paley 23). Paley is a masterly example of an excellent teacher as she is able to interact well with the children. She understands the capabilities and needs of her students and works with the knowledge she possesses of each children, to make them fit in the class regardless of their backgrounds. She is an exceptional teacher in the fact that she is ready to learn from her students, a unique curriculum not many teachers know of (Paley 23).
Paley’s calm and composed nature is admirable in addressing children and their numerous questions about characters they like and want to associate with (Paley 23). She also tries to incorporate teachings on adult biases. Paley’s mode of instruction incorporates art-based and hands-on experience to influence the little children. All intending to venture in the teaching profession and to become parents ought to take Paley’s approach to exploit their full potential in children (Paley 23). The book advocates for change geared toward exploring new ventures.
Work cited
Paley, Vivian G. The Girl with the Brown Crayon. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, 2006. Read More
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