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Why Sex Education Should Be Taught In Schools - Essay Example

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The research will cover the use of two main types of qualitative methodologies: Questionnaires and interviews, in order to investigate teenage pregnancies, as the most effective factor affecting sex education in universities, colleges, and high schools in Chicago…
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Why Sex Education Should Be Taught In Schools
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Download file to see previous pages The research will be that of a case study analyzing, in detailed and succinct manner, teenage pregnancies as the most effective factor in sex education. Recent research reveals that there have been high increases in the cases of teenage pregnancies. Studies conducted over the last five years state that for every 100 school going/teenage girls, two of them are dropouts due to pregnancies. The statistics or findings have been backed up by the increased abortion cases in the state. The major cause of abortion has been discovered to be teenage pregnancies. This discussion stresses that several questionnaires were distributed to several respondents in Chicago with an aim of investigating the people’s reactions, views, or attitudes towards sex education in schools. The questionnaires were distributed in three different areas; Oak Park, Cicero, and Illinois. Six hundred questionnaires were distributed in each location. The questionnaires were of two types, the different being the ages of correspondents. The first types targeted the old age, most of whom were married people with their kids at school. These questionnaires constituted to a third of the total number of questionnaires distributed in each region. The remaining two thirds were distributed to school going students, both in college, university, and high school. Interviews were conducted on 100 people from different places in the state and results were recorded, and analyzed. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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