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The song tries to explain that an Alien had lost his way to his home and the robots helped him to understand the map and the cardinal directions which…
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Step 2: Write a 2 page reflection of your lesson plan
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"Step 2: Write a 2 page reflection of your lesson plan"

Download file to see previous pages Moreover this map also describes about the symbols that are normally present in the map but people are not aware of them. The symbols like airplane shows an airport and symbol of stars describes the capital of the city. This song will help a child in learning the essentials of a map including cardinal directions.
Infusing music into learning helps young children in memorizing a song because they tend to learn the information more quickly while rhyming the songs. The children that learn through music and songs have better social skills and have the ability to listen more carefully and it develops the confidence. While learning a song or performing certain body directions it helps to develop integration between body and mind which is also known as sensory integration and it creates a major impact in children’s learning while reading and writing (Gardner, 2006). Neurologists suggest that the best way to enhance the development of young children’s ability is to make them learn through music and sing song tone. They suggest a variety of ways for children that are fun and enjoyable to them and if they have their own interest in a particular learning then they would tend to learn the activities more responsively (Gardner, 2006).
Gardner (2006) has researched the effects of music in the development of children’s learning and has described in his theory that music hones creativity in children and one can examine learning functions within themselves. Young children have the fascination towards music which can manifested when they hum, and they have an impulse to move with music and they adhere and become joyful when they hear the mother’s cradlesongs and they become frantic when their favorite music is been played. Further research done by Gardner suggests that the classical music strengthens different parts of the brains that help in logical thinking. If ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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