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Stages of Art development for children ages 2 thru 8 - Essay Example

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This is achieved by the use of six stages that form basic structures and explores visual art expression about creativity in children. These stages have also…
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Stages of Art development for children ages 2 thru 8
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"Stages of Art development for children ages 2 thru 8"

Download file to see previous pages For instances, the drawings are product oriented, and the child’s characterization and conception about the environment are more pronounced than objects.
In this stage, the young adolescent is product oriented and his or her interest in drawing moves from drawing objects to drawing nature’s things such as the human body. He or she may also start drawing cartoons and exaggerated characters such as doodles (Krimsky, 1999).
In an effort to improve the art and creativity experiences offered to children, I would provide the children with drawing materials and surfaces on which drawing would be done. I would ensure that the children in class have got enough space that would facilitate the drawing process. In addition to this, I would lay down measures aimed at making the children compete among themselves within the class setting. I would also bring them objects that they would be required to draw when they would be required to do so within the class.
For me to implement the above improvements, I would require support from parents and the teaching staff. The parents of the children will contribute to this process by buying the children the required drawing materials. The teaching staff members will assist in guiding the children during learning lessons. I would also involve the school administration by asking them to allocate the students sometime that would be used in carrying out drawing activities.
I would want to know the factors that would serve to motivate the children in drawing activities. I would be interested in enabling children to be creative and come up with unique drawings. In addition to this, I would also like to know how the children would be handled so that they develop their careers in drawing.
Creativity may reduce with age in children during their growth stages, but it does not disappear permanently. In fact, older people may reclaim creativity that faded away at a young age. Development in artworks should be viewed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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