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In the pre-K classroom, promoting the child’s interest through involvement with their environment is vital for the learning process. Mitchell…
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Science and nature
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Science and nature al affiliation Science and nature Promoting interest in the learners is the major step towards ensuringthat learners acquire education in their learning environment. In the pre-K classroom, promoting the child’s interest through involvement with their environment is vital for the learning process. Mitchell (1992) indicates that allowing the learners take part in interaction with their environment allows them control the learning process. However, it is vital that the teacher takes part in the entire process by constant intervention in the learners’ activities.
In an attempt to improve the Science curriculum, the teacher may consider restructuring the curriculum by allowing the learners take part in tasks in the environment that will allow them grasp concepts in the curriculum. In the case of Science, the teacher should manipulate the environment so that it allows learners grasp concepts in the subject. This includes an environment where the learners can experiment with their senses.
For the teacher to be prepared well enough to assist the learners in investigating the environment around them, the teacher must constantly assess the steps forward made by the learners. The teacher responds by assessing the moves they make in the environment and marking down their misdeeds. The teacher may also take advantage of the informal erudition practices. This emanates from the teachers’ instinct on when to act and when not to act in the learning process (Mitchell, 1992). This entails the teachers’ ability to emphasize concepts that are teachable in the course of learning. Conclusively, learning in this context takes part with the teachers reinforcing learning activities through constant supervision of the learners’ progress.
Mitchell, A. (1992). Explorations with young children: a curriculum guide from the Bank Street College of Education. New York: Gryphon House. Read More
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