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Rare earth hypothesis is a theory that explains the existence of life and its circumstances involved that are both astrophysical and geological. The theory tries to answer questions concerning the complex life that exists only on earth. It is well explained by the geologist…
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Download file to see previous pages The theory also explains that most of the universe large parts do not support complex life calling the places to be dead zones. The places that support the complex life are known to be the habitat zones for the living creatures.
The habitat zone acts as a primary function having a distance from the galactic center. When the distance between the two places increase, the stars’ content begin to reduce creating terrestrial planets. The dangerous x rays that are produced from the black hole found at the galactic center including the stars of the neutrons and quasars become less intense. This creates hell to the life and enables the hypothesis to identify the early life of the universe. Also, the gravitational that occur between the stars and the planets become less due to the low density caused by the decrease of the stars. This explains that if a planet is far from the galactic center, it is likely to have been hit by a bolide. It is an impact that affects the complex life.
2. The population density for the galaxy proofs to be 50,000 light years. Having 2, 500 civilizations while assuming that they are equally spaced, there separation will be found by dividing the light years by the civilizations. One civilization will proof to have 20 light years.
3. There is compatible function between the humans and the nature itself. In nature, there are a number of circumstances that lead to the human survival. Science and nature has also a new version on the relationship between humans and nature. It proofs that the physical substances that surround human beings are complex. There is also a lot of interdependence between the humans and nature. This begins with the human genes that are able to produce several traits creating a survival. The lives that are on earth have the form of life that is found only at the biosphere that is the membrane of both the plants and animals. On the same note, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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