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Review of the Teen Age Brain - Essay Example

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Over the years many scientific researches have been conducted in order to try and understand the dynamics of the teenage brain and there does exist some consensus over the…
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Review of the Teen Age Brain
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"Review of the Teen Age Brain"

Download file to see previous pages Apart from balancing their academics with a prudent selection of extra-curricular activities these teenagers also have to cope with the ever increasing peer pressure whether it is smoking in a group, dumping their girlfriends/ boyfriends, dressing in a classy fashion and so forth.
On the other end of the story teenagers are also charged as being in the most careless time period of their lives where they feel whatever they do is justified and that they have a right to do what they please. Another dilemma faced by many teenagers is that of how “big” they actually are for example they have to put up with the conditions imposed on them by their parents because they are not independent enough to fend for themselves and thus live a completely independent life. Yet in a highly individualistic society as that of the United States of America, teenagers do not feel bound to live their lives the way their parents plan it out for them. Teenagers want their privacy. They are mostly confused as to what they want out of their lives. When children are in their teenage, what matters most to them is their individuality and how they identify with their peers. Most teenagers fall a prey to dangerous company which leads to their giving in to peer pressure and taking drugs, shoplifting for fun, committing robberies etc. Usually why teens get into such turmoil is because they do not communicate effectively with their parents who they see more as authoritative dictators who want to control their lives as opposed to someone who genuinely cares for them and their well being. Another factor which along with enhancing the information base of teenagers also renders them vulnerable is their unbound access to information through the internet. This access to the internet has made them more informed than any of their previous generations and in certain instances also increased their confusion as to their identity.
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Review of the Teen Age Brain Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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