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What academic class has been your favorite and why - Essay Example

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The writer of this essay tells that two academic courses have been his favorite: mathematics and art.Looking at these two academic courses, the writer realized that the process of analytical and logical thinking in both math and art is one of the best ways for personal expression…
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What academic class has been your favorite and why
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"What academic class has been your favorite and why"

Download file to see previous pages In art, I try to conceptualize what to draw; to analyze why this method would be most preferred given the forms, structures, materials that are contemporarily available. There is this anticipation and waiting to determine the outcome of one’s strategies; of the combined details that produce a unique and aesthetic form – materializing before one’s eyes.
            Consistent with the Columbia University’s mission of focusing on intellectual mobility, social mobility and career mobility, my personal and professional goals include gaining the theoretical framework in arts and enable me to excel in this field of endeavor. I am aware that although I have manifested interests in arts and mathematics in my high school years, there is much to gain in pursuing higher education in terms of developing the skills, knowledge, and abilities that would make me a connoisseur. There is much to appreciate in the field of arts and I plan to pursue even higher education to delve into the Master of Fine Arts program if and when allowed.
            The evolution of arts have undergone significant changes and contemporary art continues to be transformed through the multidimensional skills gained by students from Columbia University. I am confident that what initially began as favorite subjects in math and art would be transformed to productive applications that would benefit future generations.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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