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The writer of the essay " Identifying The Child Readiness for Independent School" seeks to describe the possible reasons for concern regarding the right time for admission a child to a public school. For illustrative purposes, the writer describes a personal case of his son…
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Identifying The Child Readiness for Independent School
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What do you believe your son or daughter will contribute to the school community? Have you any concerns about your child’s readiness for independent school?
My son Jazz has always held great records in terms of academic achievements as well as extracurricular activities. He has proved to be good student, a good sportsman as well as a helper for the community. His performance in academics has been constantly good and he always tries to actively participate in the activities and events in school. He is a very confident child who clearly presents his thoughts and opinions to his colleagues and teachers. He can be a great contributor to the school community.
Jazz has a very keen interest in Mathematics as well as Humanities. His brilliance in Mathematics has many times been highlighted by the praise that he has received from his teacher as well as his colleagues. He performs very well in the subject and is very active in the classroom in helping out his classmates as well. In the case of Humanities, Jazz tries to understand the subject with proper concepts. He shows great interest in the understanding of human history and the importance that history lays on our lives today. He always strives to learn more with regard to the early human developments as well as the important events that have taken place in the history of the world.
Jazz is an active member in the school sports teams. He enjoys playing sports and has the potential to greatly contribute to the school sports community. He has been actively involved in playing sports which include basketball, soccer, badminton, swimming and golf. Jazz has a very healthy lifestyle and he is actively engaged in extracurricular activities. He is also a very good observer and loves to appreciate the beauty of nature. Apart from playing sports, Jazz is very considerate and helping and it is for this reason that he became a member of the Boys Scouts. He always wishes to contribute to the society and be off assistance to people who are in need of help.
I do not have any concern with regard to the admission of Jazz in Independent School. I am a proud parent owing to the high achievements of my son in all fields of education. He is an all-rounder and will be able to cope up with the educational environment. I believe that my son will actively contribute to the school community and perform well in his academics as well. His education in the Independent School will assist him to polish his skills and learn in the best possible manner. Read More
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