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One of the most overarching considerations is the commitment I have had for this class. My commitment involves both intellectual and physical involvement. I…
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The Grade I Deserve In This Course
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The Grade I Deserve in This When I consider the grade I deserve in this there are a number of aspects that factor into my perspective.One of the most overarching considerations is the commitment I have had for this class. My commitment involves both intellectual and physical involvement. I regularly attended class lectures, purchased all course materials, and consistently engaged in classroom discussions and activities. I believe such commitment is essential to the course and should not be overlooked when factoring in my grade.
While such physical involvement is important, I also believe that being intellectually engaged with the course material is another central aspect of the class. Oftentimes I recognize that fellow students participate in classroom lectures and complete their homework not out of a genuine intellectual interest, but out of a desire to merely achieve a high grade. While I commend their standards and commitment to success I believe such an approach is not effective in gaining the greatest benefit from the course. During this course I have made my greatest effort to digest and appreciate the course material in a way wherein I would truly understand its deeper meaning and implication, both for the content as well as for improving my English writing skills. It follows that while others may appear to have outwardly been more involved in the course, I believe that my commitment and intellectual involvement are very high in terms of my own abilities, as well as relative to other students in the course.
In examining the extent that I accomplished the goals of this course I believe I was highly successful. In these regards, I greatly improved my writing and linguistic abilities. I recognize my improvement in the increased ease I feel writing documents that in the past would have taken me a significant amount more time. Another element of my improved understanding is that I have increased my critical thinking skills. I believe that one of the central challenges of the course was approaching difficult or dense material and gaining a deeper understanding of this material’s central arguments. In the process of engaging with this challenging material I found that I began to develop increased strategies for tackling things that previously I would have simply ignored. I believe that these increased critical thinking skills, as evidenced both in my improved English writing and comprehension abilities, are perhaps the greatest things I gained from the course.
Taking the cumulative impact of the previously articulated examples, I believe that I deserve a B+ in the course. I believe that I deserve this grade because of my strong and consistent involvement in the course materials. I also recognize that my strong intellectual involvement and genuine interest in the course are strong elements that attest to my success. Ultimately, throughout the course I was not only successful in digesting the course material, but I also learned critical thinking and English writing skills that I can carry with me throughout the rest of my academic study and, indeed, the rest of my life. Read More
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