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Pedagogics as a System - Essay Example

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The author of this essay "Pedagogics as a System" comments on the process of teaching where the exchange of ideas must be encouraged in order for the learner’s mind to be cultivated and stimulated to think independently with the teacher guiding its path…
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Pedagogics as a System
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Extract of sample "Pedagogics as a System"

A Teacher’s Website
In pedagogy or the process of teaching, exchange of ideas must be encouraged in order for the learner’s mind to be cultivated and stimulated to think independently with the teacher guiding its path (Rosenkranz, Brackett, & Studely, 1872). Learning is a dynamic process which involves a healthy exchange of ideas which can only be achieved in an environment conducive to learning where the student is free to express himself without fear of being ridiculed and to critique the thoughts of others without censure or denigration as well. The teacher’s plays an important role in achieving the desired knowledge as the teacher acts as the moderator and motivator so that the learners would be challenged to explore beyond what is expected.
If I have my own personal website and I will be permitted to use it as an instructional module to teach my students, I will utilize it to ensure that a free flow of idea is achieved. The website instruction will not have the limitations of time unlike in the classroom. It should be noted that discussions made in the classroom are cut short thus the discourse is likewise abruptly concluded which impedes the free flow of ideas. The internet and this website will not pose such restrictions but rather everybody can contribute or give his own thoughts and ideas for academic discussion in his own time and pace.
The website can also be a means to give essay homework, and be used as the mode of submission for the students. The website can equally be used to provide additional links to websites that will contribute to the discussion if not materials that can be used to provide alternative knowledge distinct from the ones provided by the school. With each student given a unique login ID and password combination to establish their identity, their grades can also be viewed conveniently and privately as well as their class standing.
The website can also be a means to provide historical views of the discussion made by past classes on the same subject in order not to repeat the same point of view. There would also be instances where position of current students can be stressed or supported by the discussions of the students in past classes. In this way, a more mature and intelligent discussion can be achieved since old arguments which have already been presented in the past will be limited thus the mind shall be challenged to offer new ideas and concepts for discourse.
So also, websites would be permanent and accurate documentation of discussions of the topics in my syllabus and the students can easily refer to it for further studies. The performances as well as the acumen of students including their capabilities to express themselves are recorded in the website which would apprise students of their standing and motivating them to study further. A review and detailed analysis of their posts can determine their limitations if not their potentials in a more objective manner. Any feedback mechanism assisted by the website would entail an accurate depiction of their performance as shown in the historical results of the examinations given. Harnessing the power of the internet and its possibilities would not only enhance the learning experience of students but it will similarly provide a pleasant experience that would continually cultivate their creative minds into discovering new ideas and knowledge and not merely assimilating old knowledge.

Rosenkranz, J., Brackett, A., & Studely, R. P. (1872). Pedagogics as a System. California: The R. P. Sutdley Company. Read More
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