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Write 2 page Bring Your Own Technology(BYOT) Educational Technology - Essay Example

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With the advent of computer, laptop and mobiles life has become all the more comfortable and information as well as individuals seem to be accessible across the globe.
Technology is not confined to the…
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Write 2 page essay Bring Your Own Technology(BYOT) Educational Technology
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Download file to see previous pages Thus personalized learning tools, empower students and teachers for better learning environment and better understanding.
At one hand the technology displays positive aspects encompassing- better indulgence of 21st Century learning skills, fostering a greater commitment with learning as it seems to be more environment friendly and tasks could be accomplished at faster pace.
Educationalists believe that augmentation in education technology should empower students to make use of high tech gazettes and therefore they advocate for the implementation “Bring Your Own Technology” or “Device” initiatives (popularly known as BYOT, or BYOD). Under this program students are encouraged to fetch their own portable gadgets, tablets, and laptops to make their use in the classroom.
Students should be accustomed to use the technology to successfully accomplish the targets and for better understanding. The technology displays disparity as there is a difference in equity and status, for some students it is not possible to afford personal devices for learning.
Uniformity of devices- All the students as well as teachers must possess similar kind of equipments- Smart Phones, Pads, Tablets, Laptops, or Nintendo DS. Moreover infrastructure of the school must also support the devices.
In some schools, mobile devices are banned as they intensify behaviour issues, distraction from studies and it becomes troublesome for the teachers also to design the lessons appropriately to teach through the portable devices. Students on the other hand must be sincere and dedicated to use portable devices for studies only in school and not for amusement or entertainment. Security reasons also a point of concern what sites students are accessing, is it permissible to their age or not?
Thus the goals and motives of the BYOT technology should have a vision and outlook to cover-up ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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