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Demonstration speech on paper airplane (The Stealth ) - Essay Example

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This led to numerous loses and was the key reason to development stealth technology. Who would wish enemies to take advantage of us and continue to ruin our lives? Today, I…
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Demonstration speech on paper airplane (The Stealth )
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Extract of sample "Demonstration speech on paper airplane (The Stealth )"

General Purpose: To demonstrate stealth aircraft Specific purpose: After hearing the speech, my audience will be capable of making a stealth paper aircraft.
In the past, many aircrafts used for war were easily attacked by enemies making many missions a failure. This led to numerous loses and was the key reason to development stealth technology. Who would wish enemies to take advantage of us and continue to ruin our lives? Today, I am going to give a demonstration of stealth paper aircraft.
Stealth Paper Aircraft
In this demonstration of the manufacture of stealth aircraft, the process is detailed and thus need to be clearly followed. A paper which is glossed is used. With the glossy side of the paper up, it is divided into eight parts by folding and unfolding it horizontally, vertically and diagonally. Spreading the paper on the desk, hold the four edges and fold them to the center each at a time. Holding one half of the square paper, hold one make open the other side and make diagonal creases from the center to the edge of the paper and then flattened. This is then repeated on the other side of the paper to produce four flaps. After that, shift to of the flaps away and the whole work is folded into two after which the other two flaps are folded inversely. This is then followed by folding the larger flaps along the longer diagonal. At this time, the smaller flaps are inside reversed so that the tips of all the flaps point in one direction. To improve appearance of the paper aircraft, the four tips are folded inversely making edges flatten but ensuring that each pair of the flaps is of same height. Doing this is a bit challenging for beginners but with practice, you can comfortably fold the tips even when using small pieces of paper. Having done that, fold the paper from the tip of the aircraft to the front edge of the front flaps. Taking a look at the rear bottom edge of the aircraft, there are creases, which are inverse reverse folded. At the base of the front flaps, the crease available is inverse reverse folded to provide a landing surface. This is the followed by separating the rear wings and the paper aircraft is ready to be flown1.
The making of a paper stealth aircraft is demanding and thus challenging for beginners. Despite this, with proper practice, perfecting is achievable. I am very grateful for your attention throughout this presentation. Thank you very much.
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“How to make an F-117 Stealth Fighter Paper Airplane”. Online posting. YouTube. Anon. 21 November 2011. Read More
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