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Home Schooling - Research Paper Example

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This paper descusses homeschooling which is not a rare phenomena and it is all about teaching children at home without them attending schools. Homes schooling more than teaching children is a way of life. It is a socialization process where the parents get chance to learn with children…
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Home Schooling
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Extract of sample "Home Schooling"

Download file to see previous pages This project stresses that the family which study together stays together. Home schooling is the common thread woven throughout their lives that pulls the family together. It also allows giving quality education to the children .Home as always been the heart of a child’s education. One need not be a professional teacher to home school a child as they are natural learners and parents are natural teachers. Parents are the best teacher a child could have as no one knows the children better than them. The parents knows the strength and weakness of their children and can train them accordingly .Rather than teaching home schooling should be treated as a guiding a child for their future development.
This report declares that from the earliest days, a child’s education took place inside the home. Children learned from parents, from a large extended family, and from everyday life. In his book writes that “ History shows that today’s home education sprang from a rich heritage of family based learning” Families made sure that the children learned important life skills, reading, writing, math skills and socializing skills. In the beginning times, school education was not mandatory for children. Many children were taught home as they could not walk the distance to and from school and mass transportation was not yet an option. Some children were kept at home by bad weather, snowstorms and floods. As industrial revolution swept the country, school transportation improved and so did attendance at public schools. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Home Schooling Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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An arguementative paper on home schooling vs. public school

..., kicking, threatening, and seducing have become frequent in schools these days. This leads us to the question: Is home schooling better than public schooling? Owing to the widespread violence in schools, home schooling should be preferred over public school. Home schooling is much better option than public schooling because of a number of reasons. In the home, children are not exposed to racism of any sort. In the educational environment of public schools, children have to be in the company of racist fellows on daily basis. In the environment of a home, a child studies in the atmosphere created by his parents. He/she feels protected and is better able to concentrate upon the studies. Quite often, one or both parents are educated enough...
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Home Schooling vs. Public Education

... offer different activities for the proper learning and development of the child which include different forms of extracurricular activities. Public schools serve to teach the child discipline and equality. But they have the disadvantage that the child may be exposed to the wrong environment. He may face peer pressure which may affect his learning. Home schooling vs. Public education As a child grows up, one thing that starts bothering the parents is how to pursue their child’s education. The two options available are Home schooling and public schools; both are different and similar in many ways. There are advantages and disadvantages to both sides and many parents ponder and debate over this choice. A more direct and focused education can...
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Home Schooling and Sociological Perspectives

... sociological theories namely: functionalism, conflict theory and symbolic interactionism. Basically, the functionalist theory sees society at a macro – level orientation through perceiving such as a complex system whose elements are functioning together to promote harmony and stability (Macionis, 2010). In this regard, the functionalist approach mainly understands home schooling as advantageous for the society because it functions to serve its needs of conveying the knowledge, skills and core values to the generation of individuals who could not easily adapt to the environment of schools. The conventional type of education is flawed in a sense that generally, there is no special program which caters for the educational needs of children...
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Benefits and Cons of Home Schooling

...difficult to cope in a working environment, and some even have problems getting employment because they do not have the necessary skills to do the jobs which they aspire to. To combat this, many parents are finding it worthwhile to teach their children themselves, and this has made home schooling very popular with a growth rate of ten to fifteen percent every year. Statistics show that home schooled children tend to do better than those in public schools, but despite this there have also been arguments against it with some saying that education is not all about getting good grades but also about learning social skills, which, as many feel, these children...
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All Parents Should Have the Option of Home-schooling Their Children

... of the reasons why parents would want to homeschool their children is finance. Some are not really very privileged to send their children to school. Educating the children at home will benefit the parents and children in homes with such circumstances. They will be spared of the tuition fees which are getting higher every now and then. In addition, they will also be able to save money because they do not have to travel from their homes to their schools and they will not need to be given extra cash for their meals as well. In addition, they do not have to buy new clothes to meet the requirements of the school. Furthermore, since they do not need to travel, they can spend more time reading or writing. One of the greatest concerns of parents...
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Home Schooling

...mpromised, and homeschooling does not enhance natural science education. Looking at the nature of homeschooling it can be noticed that it seriously needs regulation. The regulation comes with challenges. The regulation of homeschooling has over the years had various critics criticizing its necessity. As much as there are various points that successfully explain the lack of necessity for homeschooling, there are arguments with bigger intensity explaining the need for regulating homeschooling. The arguments mainly proves the necessity of regulation of homeschooling to ensure its productivity. Discussion One reason why home schooling should be regulated is because of the high rate at which its rising and the high possibility of it being...
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Primary Schooling

...Does primary schooling have an effect on children's quantitative understanding Introduction Primary schooling is the basic foundation of a human being the world today; it has a direct influence on the development and understanding of all basics in a human being or a child to be more specific. Thus the statement stands true without any material prove, as is a fact, that the primary schooling does have a tremendous impact on the understanding and concept development of a child during his childhood. One of the major concepts being developed during the primary schooling is the development of quantitative understanding within a child; these grasp the roots and foundation only in the early times, and based on these grass roots levels, a child...
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... major conclusions are that education plays other major roles other than schooling, this include helping individuals to adopt socially acceptable behaviors whereby individuals adopt cultural traits that control behavior. the paper highlights the importance of proper enculturation in developement of socially acceptable behaviour, from the case study Brad was not raised in an appropriate social system and therefore this has led to some antisocial traits. Reference: Harry F. Wolcott , Adequate schooling and inadequate education: The life of a sneaky kid.... research: Introduction: The paper is a narrative of Brad a 20 year old male whose values are behaviour are not appropriate due to poor enculturation. data was collected...
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Home Schooling and Traditional Schooling

..., there have been debates whether it is a good idea to home-school children or if it would be better to send them to traditional schools. One of the arguments presented against homeschooling is that, there is no guarantee of quality education because not all parents and tutors have the proper training to teach. Moreover, the lessons that might be presented to the student may not be on the same level of the nationally accepted curriculum such as those taught in school ( On the other hand, the same argument can also be presented in the traditional school because not all licensed teachers really have the skill of effectively teaching students. In relation to the quality of education given to students, homeschooling prides...
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Home Schooling vs. State Schooling

As the discussion declares the increasing secularization of modern schools makes the parents scared and they decide to teach their children by themselves (Patterson 2007). Still nowadays it is hard to say whether secularization is good or bad thing, as modern societies require ethnical and cultural diversity within liberal countries, which means that schools contain pupils of diverse races and religions. It turns out that providing conservative Christian values for Christian children at schools would mean discrimination and offense of, for example, the Islamic minority of the schools. In this case if parents prefer their children to learn certain specific values they would better teach them at home by their own.

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FP Iran V. Secretary of State for the Home Department

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...people in America are home-schooled ever since it was first legalized during 1900s. (Moitozo, 7) A child would not lack social skills nor would the child be afraid to associate themselves with others. Home schooling does not mean a child would be contained in a house and isolated from the world. As a matter of fact, every child needs to be educated physically, such as participating in sports. The parents would provide a form of physical education by enrolling the student to a basketball team or even a dance studio. During this time, the student would have time to associate themselves with other children. A lot of individuals believe that because of lack of deadlines and...
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Nidalis Personal Map of Home

A teenage Nidali, a name given to her by her father assuming she would turn out a boy, later on, moved to the Texas United States with her family to join her father who gets a job offer. She grows up challenging her father’s dominance and harsh rules to protect her from the cruel world, which would physically instill discipline in her, her mother and brother but she considers this discipline normal among their families in Kuwait. Her mother, on the other hand, loves music and we are told of how she loves to play the piano, rather than be a normal housewife to her family. Her brother Gamal never really plays a major part in the story and is a silent character except when he supports her sister’s desire to go on away fro...
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Finding Home Far Away From Home: Place Attachment

... principles and concepts has great potential in developing the personality and ethical standards of a person. If an individual does not believe in ethical standards and moralistic principles, then the life of the person is wasteful and defective. In the very beginning of my life, my parents have suggested me to believe in the golden rules of our divine personality Buddha .This is the main reason why I found relief in visiting the Buddhist temple which is in Guangdong province of my home town. The other reason for my likeness to this particular temple is that it is near to me and relevant to our family origin. When it comes to my experience with Buddha, I can explain that my whole personality goes in to a relaxation mode, where I contemplate...
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Should Regulations for Home Schools Be Changed

... on academic curriculum but based on some basic skills acquired by the child for normal living. For example, occasional tests can ensure the child is exposed to alternative ideas in religion and culture. Conducting personal interviews with the child to examine its language, general knowledge and math skills are up to the mark will also help. Regulations need not target when, where and how a child should be educated as the whole point of home schooling is to teach outside the classroom. Biological facts can be learned anywhere from farms and kitchen to garden while language classes can extend to theatres and libraries. Some parents can choose to educate their children based on their interest instead of making them spend time in all regular...
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Learning at Home and at School - Similarities and Differences between the Views of Learning and Learners

...Research paradigms Contents Understanding of the articles 3 View of learning and learners taken by the of the articles 3 Key similarities anddifferences between the views of learning and learners taken in the two articles 5 Paradigm positions of the articles 6 Aligning a practice with the paradigm position 7 References 9 Understanding of the articles The articles are based on learning and cognitive behaviour. The article “Learning in the home and at school: how working class children succeed against the odds” deals with the effects of the different pre-school or home learning activities on the learning abilities of the children belonging to the disadvantaged families. The effects of ethnic majority and ethnic minority...
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The Education Quality of Different Types of Schooling

...for convenience (CQ Researcher). The interesting turn of events raises many questions on the future of education. For instance, what are the effects of home schooling and traditional public school on students? Has the change in education style helped students? Answers to these questions present even a more confusing scenario. It is in this regards that the paper takes a deep look at the debate on type of school. Arguably, many parents contend to different types of schooling because of various factors (Gloeckner 19). Withstanding the nature of schooling factors of religion, environment, and academic achievement dictate the path taken by...
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The Role of Context in So Much Water So Close to Home

... Text in Context Assignment “So much water so close to home” is one of the literary pieces that have captured the attention ofmany readers in the world. The narrative revolves around the journey of Stuart as he and his friends went for a fishing trip far away from their home. On arrival, they encounter the mysterious death of a young girl that unfolds a completely new dimension of this trip. While one of them decides that they should end the journey after this weird encounter, the rest insist that they need to proceed with their plan. At the end, they end up spending there for two nights instead of the planned three days. When the story of the raped and killed girl becomes public, Claire, Stuart’s wife concludes that the four men were...
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The Walt Disney Company Home

The company released many films as time passed; it is in charge of bringing the best family movies, plays, and even music, in the entertainment department the company releases movies ideal for children that keep them glued to screens for almost the whole day. They also release toys for kids. The Disney services can now be accessed through, mobile, console games, and social online virtual worlds. From this, the company kept expanding internationally, its entertainment series was watched in almost every corner of the world, it was the main source of entertainment for the children. This was due to the cartoon and animation series produces by the company. However, the expansion of the company services globally has had both negative an...
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