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Philosophy - Essay Example

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I knew that every child can learn and even excel when I provided them with the means to succeed. My role was to teach them academic content and skills and educate…
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Extract of sample "Philosophy"

At the beginning of my journey towards becoming a teacher, I believed in having high expectations for my I knew that every child can learn and even excel when I provided them with the means to succeed. My role was to teach them academic content and skills and educate them socially as well. I believed in a classroom based on a sense of respect and on personal responsibility. Now, as I near the end of my journey, I still believe these key concepts, but I have learned a lot more about being an educator.
It is important for a teacher to have high expectations for her students. However, it’s just as important for those expectations to be clearly stated and reinforced. I know now that behavior expecations and academic goals should be stated at the beginning of each activity and children should be praised when they meet those goals and expectations.
Every child can learn when he is provided with the means to succeed. These means include providing different learning style options for the classroom, reinforcing previously taught materials in new lessons and allowing the child to start on his or her own level. Some children learn best through seeing, some learn best through listening, and some learn best through doing. I will combine all of these learning styles in my lessons. I will also keep all of my lessons connected by connecting previously taught material with new material. Allowing a child to start on his own level is also important. Children will come to me with varying degrees of skill. Children who are less skilled will become frustrated if asked to do a task that is beyond them. Children who are very skilled will become bored if asked to do a task that is too easy. It is important to offer differing difficulty levels within an activity.
A teacher must not only teach students academic skills, but social skills as well. This process involves discussions with students, modeling of those skills and reinforcing students who are using these skills appropriately. Discussions will take place during morning meetings or when an event has happened that warrants discussion. I will model appropriate academic and social skills to my students each day, but I will also do a weekly skit with students, modeling an academic or social skill. It is also important to praise students when they are using the skills appropriately.
It is important for a classroom to be built on respect and responsibility. However, it’s not enough to simply discuss respect and responsibility with the class. I must model these concepts also, by integrating them into my classroom rules and behavior expectations. Read More
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Bandura’s theory confirms the reality of the experience. A man needs mirroring of others to tell him whether what he is doing is fine or not. The wife is the best critic of the husband and vice versa. This is what makes marriage a wonderful ground for discovery for the two is made into one yet uniqueness of each is still there.

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In view of the fact that school provides a gateway to new horizons, it is the conviction of the author of this paper that all children should be educated. It is their right to learn and be exposed to a plethora of ideas about life. Regardless of their color, race, creed, socio-economic background, physical, intellectual or emotional state, al...
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Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712 to 1778) was a Genevois philosopher. Besides that, he was a writer and a composer of romanticism. His philosophies were very influential so much so that they were considered to have triggered the French...
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