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School Counseling - Essay Example

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I like how the writer has clarified the definition and the severity of learning diseases simultaneously and then moved on to understanding the various aspects that a learning disability can extend to, ending with providing an approach to handling the problem. I agree to a…
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School Counseling
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Extract of sample "School Counseling"

Responses I like how the has clarified the definition and the severity of learning diseases simultaneously and then moved on to understanding the various aspects that a learning disability can extend to, ending with providing an approach to handling the problem. I agree to a great deal with the way key importance is placed on providing high quality services to the client through mapping out a plan that focuses on family support and assistance in face of unique challenges that LD poses.
2. The example provided of the child with dyslexia I can relate to considering I myself was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was in my sophomore year at university. Post the diagnosis, I started seeing my struggles in schools in an optimistic light which led me on a path towards self-exploration and self-acceptance instead of being critical and frustrated for being different. I agree with the implications mentioned by the writer in terms of frustration, depression and low self esteem. Overcoming these hurdles is not easy however the key lies in coming to an understanding about the unique way in which ones mind works.
3. I find commendable the way in which the ADHD is addressed not just from the student’s perspective but also that of the teachers, making the approach suggested much more effective and practical. What I feel works best with this approach is the fact that instead of treating the child like something is wrong with him the student’s hyper-ness is treated like it can be used to create a positive impact on his life when used appropriately.
4. The angle with which the topic is approached is highly plausible; that of addressing the severity and the lack of awareness of ADHD being a genuine flaw of the academic teaching staff – teachers. Their inability to spot a child with ADHD and in some cases be indifferent even when they do seems to be an area of genuine concern.
5. I agree with the core essence of the topic which goes right into the root of the problem as far as emotional and behavioral disorders are concerned, looking at all the right places – family, home life, history and background information. The common example of the girl who internalized her problems leading to cutting herself being one I can highly relate.
6. As much as I appreciate the approach suggested by the writer by taking in a holistic view of the individual’s problem to come up with a tailored treatment approach, focus and goals, what concerns me is the critical role time will play in the approach. Collaboration with the individual’s psychiatrist and continuous re-evaluation depict a high quality of service but also seem to demand a lot of time being spent on one individual when there are others around with equally or more severe situations.
7. The delicate way in which the topic of mental retardation as an area of concern as far as the academic, social and personal implication are addressed I highly agree with. I like how the writer has shown genuine concern, analyzed the topic from various angles and proposed a system which focuses on providing parents, teachers and others with sufficient information and resources that can assist the child to thrive in.
8. The writers approach towards addressing mental retardation in a student seems to take on a highly paternal tone and focuses on making the process of raising and creating a life of a mentally retarded child less cumbersome for a parent. I like how the focus does not shift however perhaps the child and the teacher’s perspective should also be touched upon.
9. I agree with the writer’s holistic approach towards addressing the physical impairment of a child. It seems to be the most effective and practical approach to get all the information and analyze the various sides touched by the impairment and then come up with a tailor made approach.
10. What is so refreshing about the writers approach to the topic is how he uses an example which not only helps you gain an understanding of an individual with a physical impairment but also rekindles hope and encouragement to those with one by showing them how their life does not need to centre on their disability. Read More
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School Counseling Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“School Counseling Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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