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This paper “The development of paragraphs in passing information” illustrates the qualities of effective paragraphs. Eventually, it would be simple to construct writings once individuals understand the requirements or characteristics of such paragraphs…
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The development of paragraphs in passing information
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 The development of paragraphs in passing information
The development of paragraphs is crucial in passing information. This paper illustrates the qualities of effective paragraphs. Eventually, it would be simple to construct writings once individuals understand the requirements or characteristics of such paragraphs.
Lacone (2003) indicates that emphasis is a crucial characteristic of an effective paragraph. This means that development of paragraphs necessitates an individual to focus on key ideas. The major aspect ought to be articulated in a theme sentence. Furthermore, crucial ideas should be included within the paragraph. Additional sentences that build a paragraph often reflect the key ideas thus advancing the theme.
Lacone (2003) indicates that coherence is a crucial characteristic, which entail the correlation between the sentences within the paragraphs and the theme sentence. This enhances the aptitude of a reader to understand the ideologies presented. Coherence can also denote connectedness between the various facts and themes within sentences.
Lacone (2003) indicates that unity is a crucial aspect, which means that the ideas presented within the paper should be related. Indeed, presenting unrelated facts often affects the readability of the paragraph. Furthermore, it limits the flow of concepts. It is thus imperative for a writer to develop adequate facts with the intention of attaining unity.
Accuracy is an imperative paragraph quality. It is essential for a paragraph to focus on the exact words or aspects. This indicates that the piece will center on the desires the readers. Furthermore, it will shun unnecessary concepts that make the writing long and boring. Accuracy arises from research or adequate representation of facts (Lacone, 2003).
The proportion of sentences housed in a paragraph is equally crucial. It is important to acknowledge that an effective paragraph ought to house close to six sentences. Additional writing is often perceived as wordiness.
Lacone, S. (2003). Write to the point: how to communicate in business with style and purpose. New Jersey, NJ: Career Press. Read More
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