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Interprofessional Education Workshop - Assignment Example

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The author of this assignment "Interprofessional Education Workshop" touches upon the collaborative practice. As the text has it, there is a wide diversity associated with every medical field, specifically which requires the need to meet with others in the work area while assisting patients.  …
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Interprofessional Education Workshop
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Download file to see previous pages The first way in which the workshop expressions show a need to fill the gap of the health profession with the right education is through the roles of each individual. In the first segment of the workshop, basic introductions and expectations of the field which one was studying were given. During this part of the workshop, each individual stated their field of study and how this would be used in the profession after graduation. It could instantly be seen that there was a gap in the understanding of what each individual was doing. In one participant describing the pharmaceutical role she played, others questioned what that meant and what she would be doing. The discussion led to the need to define why the individual was in the group, how it related to medicine and what the expectations were. Even though the individual would be in a health department and team, the collaboration was limited by the inability to understand the specialization that each of the members had.
If there are these gaps with the basic job descriptions and roles which each individual holds, then it won’t provide the right support for patients while working in a health professional setting. The concept of interprofessional education works by filling this gap so basic introductions of those working in the field are understood. The practice of knowing what each individual is required to do is one of the ways in which the gap is shortened while in the field. This is combined with understanding what an individual has the capacity of doing while in the field. The practice of collaboration that the education offers is the beginning to understanding the processes which each individual should go through while building a basic understanding of what the roles of the professionals are within a health setting (D’amour, Oandasan, 2005, 8).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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