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Distance Learning versus Classroom Instruction - Article Example

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The objective of the paper is to provide a critique of an article that provides research and studies on the subject of determining which was better to use distance learning or classroom instruction. The paper would describe what was read in the article and to present a critique…
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Distance Learning versus Classroom Instruction
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Extract of sample "Distance Learning versus Classroom Instruction"

Download file to see previous pages The general impression from the study was initially apprehension given that the authors clearly indicated at first that from the eleven students who were exposed to distance learning, only “six students completed the course, three never started, and two students failed to complete the required assignments. Reported reasons for not completing the course included discomfort with the logistics of distance education and lack of available time” (Schardt, 2002, p. 456).  The percentage, at the onset was already almost 50% participation revealing factors for discontinued pursuance as ranging from uneasiness due to perception and applied logistics of distance learning and of course, the element of time. On the other hand, all sixteen participants for the traditional classroom instruction completed the course. The findings were surprising given that initial reaction and response of participants to distance learning were controversial. A review of the findings indicate that “the differences in knowledge retention can be credited to three important attributes of distance education: more time for learning and reflection is available, individual attention stimulates learning, and motivation enhances the learning process” (Schardt, Garrison, & Kochi, 2002, p. 456). After analyzing the outcome, one realized that the advantages accorded by distance learning are focused on the ability to synthesize and integrate all the information that has been provided at the most convenient time. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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