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What is the relationship between the median household income and student scores - Article Example

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Numerous studies have shown that there is a definite relationship between the median household income and students scores. According to these studies, better…
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What is the relationship between the median household income and student scores
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"What is the relationship between the median household income and student scores"

Download file to see previous pages Also, the number of dropouts and ones with college degrees is also less. On the other hand, Hartford which has the lowest median household income ($38,711) has 46 percent of children in poverty the percentage of adults with college degrees is only 7 percent and many lack even a diploma from school. The data also states that the majority of the students from the Gull Lake are placed among the region’s top test scores while the students from Hartford struggle. This data implies that the better the median household income better will the academic performance of the students.
Another important indicator of how a better median household income will lead to better scores is the effect of income on the SAT scores. Data from numerous attempts suggest that the students with a better family income get better scores. The reason behind this is that the students with better median household income get better access to various resources like books, tutorials, etc which helps them to get better scores when compared to those with low median household income who have limited access to such resources (Elert, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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