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(b) Identify ones professional goals and how this program will help attain these goals; - Admission/Application Essay Example

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It goes without saying that the notion and concept of leadership is open to varied theories and approaches. In that context my approach towards leadership has always been situational, which…
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(b) Identify ones professional goals and how this program will help attain these goals;
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"(b) Identify ones professional goals and how this program will help attain these goals;"

Download file to see previous pages In that context, it is my firm conviction that the Doctor of Education Program for Educational Leaders (IDEPEL) will endow me with a research based approach towards educational problems and will enable me to produce the relevant knowledge that is most suitable and apt for extending solutions to the problems being faced by the students and educators in the current times. Besides imparting me with the relevant and up to date research skills, I also expect this program to instill in me a commonsensical and grass roots oriented approach towards the contemporary educational problems. The current times are marred by a strange situation where the available systems of education are somewhat losing a sense of harmony with the popular academic aspirations, incumbent dire economic circumstances and the pressing dearth of resources. So never before the educators were faced with the challenge to serve the cause of education in a pragmatic way, while dealing with a disturbing resource crunch.
When I think from the perspective of the students, they do spend ample dollars, time and effort into trying to achieve a future through education. It is the very promise of an education that smacks of access to propitious opportunities and a higher standard of living, which nudges the families to resort to lifelong savings, delay the immediately accessible gratifications, and even resort to costly loans and debt to enable their children to have access to quality education. When it comes to the sphere of educators, they do aspire to extend such an education to their students that not only endow them with access to lucrative opportunities, but also imbue them with the right values and ethics, which constitute the backbone of a truly prosperous and evolving society. Anybody interested in education can also not afford to ignore the constraints and problems being faced by the policy makers, who have to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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((b) Identify Ones Professional Goals and How This Program Will Help Admission/Application Essay)
(b) Identify Ones Professional Goals and How This Program Will Help Admission/Application Essay.
“(b) Identify Ones Professional Goals and How This Program Will Help Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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