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Collaborative project - Assignment Example

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Using information from Task A1 and input from other professionals identify one student whose learning would be enhanced by collaborative efforts. These student could have needs because of learning challenges (e.g., students with IEPs, 504 plans, or LEP students), students…
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Collaborative project
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Extract of sample "Collaborative project"

CAMPBELLSVILLE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Guidelines for Master of Arts in Special Education (MASE) Only Collaborate with one or moreprofessionals and a primary caregiver, if possible, to design a collaboration task/project for one student and establish a timeline. Complete Task A1.
2. Using information from Task A1 and input from other professionals identify one student whose learning would be enhanced by collaborative efforts. These student could have needs because of learning challenges (e.g., students with IEPs, 504 plans, or LEP students), students whose needs are a result of his/her strengths (e.g. GSSP students), or students whose engagement is limited (e.g., over-commitment to part-time jobs, family responsibilities, or extra-curricular activities).
3. Complete Task D –MASE Students
Note to all students: If the analysis of assessment data reveals that the collaboration plan had little or no impact on student learning, you have the opportunity to reflect on the plan and identify possible alternative approaches that could be used in the future.
Name ________________________________________ Course Number ________
The collaboration task format is based on the Kentucky Teacher Internship teacher performance assessment model. It supports Kentucky Teacher Standard VIII, Collaborates with Colleagues/Parents/Others. The format has been modified for application to teacher preparation. You will collaborate with one or more other professionals to design and implement a plan for a student whose learning could be enhanced by collaboration. Be sure to review carefully the appropriate guidelines before completing this form.
1. Identify a student whose learning would be enhanced by collaborative efforts and provide a rationale for why this student was selected (use first name only).
Edward has a learning disability which affects hearing processing. Like many students with invisible disabilities, such as learning and mental impairments, he is sensitive to the attitudes and thoughts of fellow classmates and teachers regarding his need for special facilities in class.
2. Collaboration Plan
Objectives – what you plan to accomplish (in terms of student learning):
Overcome hearing problem by using special facilities.
Development of self advocacy and learning skills.
Progress towards higher studies.
Preparation for current educational placement (inclusion issues).
Assessment plan – how you will measure the impact of the collaborative effort on student learning?
Marks obtain in monthly, quarter and annual examinations.
Participation in classroom activities.
Annual rate of special students (learning disable students) in higher studies.
Report activities, timeline, persons involved, resources needed below:
Persons Involved & Their Roles
Resources Needed
Note taking
In Every class
Note taker ( To note down the lectures)
Parents(arrangement of note taker, moral and financial support)
Teacher( paying more attention towards the special student)
Note taker
In Every class
Parents(arrangement of note taker, moral and financial support)
Teacher( paying more attention towards the special student)
Student( S/he will record the lectures and watch the body language and facial expression of the teacher.
Tape recorder
Speech to text converter
Group discussion
Students( 5to 6 students)
Lecture notes of students
3. Provide documentation of at least one meeting with your cooperating teacher and/or colleagues to check the progress of your plan.
Date of meeting :-------------------------(please write the suitable date)
In the meeting I discussed in detail with the subject teachers/concerned teachers about the performance of Edward in their subjects specially the marks percentage which he got in monthly, quarterly and annual examinations. I also enquired in explanatory way about his concentration in each class. Besides all this, activities of Edwards were monitored and discussed in the meeting.
3. Using the assessment data collected, describe the impact of the collaboration plan on this student’s learning and describe possible next steps.
The main impact of the collaboration plan on this student’s learning is that on spot assessment is possible. Because of this plan I evaluate students grades/marks frequently like monthly, quarterly and annually. Moreover, I also monitor his activities and interests on regular basis.
The next step will be to select those activities which are highly result oriented and implement on larger scale. Read More
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Collaborative Project Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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