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The study revealed that bullying affected the emotional well-being of subjects badly. Bullied females were found to be more likely to pursue psychiatric treatments and…
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Psychological effects of bullying
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Your full June 28, Psychological Effects of Bullying Bennett has talked about a study conducted by reputed institutions in Finland on children aged 8 to 24. The study revealed that bullying affected the emotional well-being of subjects badly. Bullied females were found to be more likely to pursue psychiatric treatments and hospitalizations than males. The articles states that bullying has a long-term impact upon the individuals and it is very disastrous in the long run. Many anti-social personality disorders appear when a bullied child grows up. Depression, anxiety and suicides, are the common outcomes of bullying.
Dombeck, in his article, talks about long term effects of bullying. First, he has defined the concept of bullying and has focused mainly on children. After that, he has thrown light upon the fact that bullying disturbs the emotional health of children. The person loses self-confidence and self-respect and stops believing in his abilities which hinders with his performance when he confronts challenging situations. Dombeck has also given short lists regarding both short-term and long-term effects of bullying, and has given some solutions as to how to combat bullying.
Lopez-Duran has mentioned some studies that he read. He has elaborated on one study and has mentioned its participants, methodology and results. He states that the results showed that females were more prone to getting psychologically disturbed than males. Females more often develop psychological disorders and social isolation when they grow up. Among boys, it is not the bullying that results into psychotic disorders, but the reasons why they fall prey to bullying are what develop emotional disturbances in them.
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