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The central problem in this case is Karim’s attitude and behavior towards education, his classmates, and, most importantly, his family. The problem starts at home where his mother breeds racist attitudes against other people. …
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Karims attitude and behavior towards education
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The central problem in this case is Karim’s attitude and behavior towards education, his mates, and, most importantly, his family. The problem starts at home where his mother breeds racist attitudes against other people. The next challenge is Karim’s social skills. He is having difficulty in interacting and establishing meaningful relationships with his fellow students. As a result, his enthusiasm for learning is also affected.
The mother’s constant visit to Mark and the students’ relationship with Karim bring more problems to the situation. The mother’s concern for her son is understandable she doesn’t offer any useful advice to Mark on how to solve the problem. All she does is whine and complain without ever listening to what Mark has to say. Also, the manner how the students treat Karim complicates the problem. Due to Karim’s poor social skills, he is often left out from class activities.
There are three possible solutions to these problems. First, Karim should be consulted by a child psychologist. The root cause of his poor social skills and family issues can be uncovered by talking to a psychologist. Second, Mark should be more open to Mrs. Peterson about Karim’s poor social skills in school. He should encourage Mrs. Peterson to also do her part in supporting Karim. Finally, more engaging classroom activities and a field trip might bring back Karim’s enthusiasm for learning.
The best solution, I think, is to bring Karim to a child psychologist. The child obviously has personal, social, and family issues that need to be sorted out and addressed through therapy and psychosocial support. Karim needs to realize the importance of having meaningful social relationships. He should find joy in classroom activities that involve peer interaction. A therapy with a psychologist can help Karim live a happier life. Read More
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