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Content Based Teaching in English as a Second Language: Its Advantages and Disadvantages - Essay Example

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Using content based instructions, students accomplish a higher level of second language proficiency faster compared to when they study English as a special subject wher it becomes the focus of instruction…
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Content Based Teaching in English as a Second Language: Its Advantages and Disadvantages
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"Content Based Teaching in English as a Second Language: Its Advantages and Disadvantages"

Download file to see previous pages Teachers help the culturally and linguistic diverse (CLD) students learn faster as they get the feeling of belongingness with the teachers creating an ideal learning environment for simplifying the process of the acquisition of content knowledge.
It supports the learning process as it opens the opportunity for students to be exposed to the subject matter as well as the language that makes meaning to them and makes complete sense that is easily retained in their memory.
Eliminates any artificial separation between language instruction and subject area classes which is unnecessary and has been proven to be of little help to the CLD students in acquiring communication skills comparable to that of a native speaker.

It brings more attention to each of the four domains of CLD student biography- language, cognitive, academic and social development- and increases CLD student achievement as they are exposed to more of the language in almost all of their subjects.
Being able to understand the language used in an accelerated fashion, the content based instruction motivates learners because the words they hear, hear and speak have meaning and are sensible to the student with the appropriate content material, stirring excitement resulting to a more effective learning experience.
The program decreases impressions of marginalization among CLD students as they are treated as the native speakers with regards their education, the mode of instruction and the subjects they get exposed to. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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