The Difference Between Management And Leadership In School System - Essay Example

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This paper introduces the concept of management and leadership, and gives the arguments that management is an overarching concept within which leadership is consumed. It highlights some important differences between management and leadership and explains why more emphasis is now given to leadership…
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The Difference Between Management And Leadership In School System
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Download file to see previous pages This essay discusses leading for change in the education sector, and also the contribution that teacher leaders can make to school leadership. It examines the type of leadership required and highlights some important differences between management and leadership. Management concerns the process of dealing with, controlling and being responsible for all activities and operations of an organisation. It involves coordinating all members and resources belonging to the organisation according to their potential, and the attempt is to be as efficient and effective as possible. Usually, aims and objectives are defined, planning is undertaken, and the progress is monitored. There is therefore, a focus on structuring, In the UK school system, the managerial tasks in schools are mostly handled by the head teacher, although some may be delegated to deputy heads and/or subject co-ordinators. Leadership places a great emphasis on personal qualities and how leaders influence others. Leadership is necessary for organisations in general because without it, an organisation fails to have vision, direction, order and discipline, and consequently, the performance of individuals within the organisation varies and they are unable to exploit their full potential. There are several forms of leadership, which differ in their style although they all share the essential qualities of leadership. Transformational leadership is one very popular form of leadership. In this form, there is a greater attempt to bring about changes to achieve certain goals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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