School leadership. Is transformational leadership really effective in schools - Essay Example

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Several research studies have shown Effective leadership not only improves educational outcomes; it also ensures that disciplinary problems among students are addressed effectively. Two major leadership styles that have been predominantly used are transactional and transformational styles of leadership. …
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School leadership. Is transformational leadership really effective in schools
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"School leadership. Is transformational leadership really effective in schools"

Download file to see previous pages While the former is predominantly an “instructional” style of leadership while a transformational approach tends to be more team based. In applying different models of leaders and various approaches to leadership, there has been a general consensus that school leadership differs from organizational leadership, hence a team based approach may be more suitable.
School leadership essentially needs to combine leadership and management capabilities. Everard and Morris(1990) have laid out five stages of management, wherein setting goals, planning and organizing resources for the achievement of goals and implementing control and corrective procedures are important in achieving the desired objectives. In the context of transformational leadership styles, Bolman and Deal (1997) are of the view that “Poorly managed organizations with strong, charismatic leaders may soar temporarily only to crash shortly thereafter.” (Bolman and Deal,1997: xiii-xiv). In the international context, cultural implications may also need to be taken into consideration in determining what kind of leadership style would be relevant.
On the basis of the above, the research question examined in this study is whether a transformational leadership style is really effective in schools? ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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