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The Application of Task-Based Approach in English Reading Teaching - Coursework Example

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The paper "The Application of Task-Based Approach in English Reading Teaching" discusses that the idea of applying task-based pedagogy in English reading teaching is a grand one that has produced believable outcomes in Chinese schools at the elementary level. …
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The Application of Task-Based Approach in English Reading Teaching
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Extract of sample "The Application of Task-Based Approach in English Reading Teaching"

Download file to see previous pages The processes of material design, task demonstration and evaluation are covered in this essay, while relevant teaching theories or principles are subsequently treated.
The process of foreign language acquisition in China is, to some extent, still based on the traditional educational system that emphasizes on the reading and writing of a foreign language like English with the hope of translating it. The students are primarily taught to learn English by reading various texts that could broaden their knowledge of the language (Adamson, 2004; Burkett, 2009; Dzau, 1990). As a result of this, teachers are saddled with the responsibility of making English seem understandable to their students. The current demand for English in China has also increased the pressure on primary school teachers to do more in the area of improving the reading skill of their students.
The fundamental objective of adopting Task-Based Approach in the reading teaching at the elementary level in China is to detect the reading competence of each student under the full watch of his or her Homeroom Teacher, who would provide the needed assistance to help the students become near-confident readers, if not totally-confident readers (Grellet, 1992). The students are given simple stories to read depending on their grades—the little harder reading comprehension goes to the farther end of the spectrum. The purpose of this is to improve their reading fluency, not necessarily to make them memorize their textbooks’ contents (Hiskes, 2007). Task-Based Approach lets the teachers perceive the students’ reaction to words they may have been taught before. For examples, showing the ability to identify and pronounce simple words about weather, food, fruits and colours as they appear on the textbooks used for this task. Most teachers believe that exposing children to the words they had heard before may increase their ability to identify related words on the pages of textbooks, hence improving their reading fluency (McNamara, 2007). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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