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Why Teaching Appeals as a Career - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The author of the paper will begin with the statement that teaching appeals to him as a career because he has found that it is the only profession which makes a person deeply engrossed in his task.  It is also an amusing and entertaining job as you are always engaged with your students…
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Why Teaching Appeals as a Career
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Extract of sample "Why Teaching Appeals as a Career"

PERSONAL MENT Teaching appeals to me as a career because I have found that it is the only profession which makes a person deeply engrossed in his task. It is also an amusing and entertaining job as you are always engaged with your students. Over and above that, no one can learn as quickly from his profession as a teacher learns to be proficient in his walk of life. These aspects of teaching appeal to my instincts and they have aroused a genuine passion for teaching in my life.
My aspiration to become a teacher was strongly influenced when I was doing my placement at London Metropolitan Nursery. It was a period of six weeks where I not only taught but learned about how to manage children in different circumstances. In addition to that I have also taught core Subjects to children in a local Arabic Primary School and there I found teaching as a very inspiring and challenging task. This encouraged and motivated me to pursue teaching as a profession.
My area of interest for teaching is English with other complementary subjects for primary education. I believe that teaching is my forte and I can easily pass on the information to the children with my expertise. I am not the one who follows a lethargic method of teaching because I know that children can not grasp anything until you rivet their attention. Children are always captivated by using salient modes of instructing. When I was doing my placement, I preferred to use much different modes of instructing during my teaching periods e.g. Flash cards, songs, images, toys, movements, expressions and body language. In addition to that, I always used a collaborative style of teaching in my classes which made the students wallow in every moment of the class period. My key interpersonal skills enhanced my ability to communicate and get connected with my students. During my experience at the local school, I always tried to maintain a warm climate in my classes and show concern for student’s emotional and physical well-being therefore I got closely involved with the children by interacting with them in funny and playful manner and cracking some jokes whenever I felt that it was appropriate. Furthermore, I was always in search for new instructional strategies and I spent a lot of time with my colleagues to devise new teaching methodologies.
I have found my metier in teaching and I am willing to embrace teaching as a vocation. My interaction with the children in local community and London Metropolitan University has given me an ample amount of experience in understanding and evaluating the psyche of children. Moreover, my experience was not limited to a homogenous batch of children rather I used to attend classes with different age groups with a diverse mindset. I have quickly learned about how to adapt myself with child of different age brackets. This heterogeneity of characters has really allowed me to enjoy and bask in the glory of teaching.
As I am pursuing a degree in BA in Education Studies, therefore I have also found that lot of theories were applicable to the teaching discipline and the bookish knowledge does matter most of the time. For instance, my knowledge about School Restructuring Models has developed my abilities for how to build an effective learning platform and nurture the students. I am ready to utilize this academic strength whenever I will commence my professional career of teaching. I have also done ITQ Level-2 from Notting Dale Technology Centre through which I have developed my IT skills. I know the power of computers and I am willing to harness them in the classrooms to build the skills of my students. Read More
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