Influence of Technology on Nursing Education - Thesis Example

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This essay discusses the influence of technology on nursing education. The online education involves the employment of various strategies over information technology platforms.The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between nursing students and hospitals…
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Influence of Technology on Nursing Education
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Download file to see previous pages In this context, the researchers have put forward an effective step to developing an understanding of nurse’s perception about the barriers for online education. The wide scope of this field is rejected, mostly by the nursing staffs. This is because of various reasons such as the lack of necessary computer skills, inefficient training in the prevailing education system, lack of motivation and orientation etc. The willingness of the staffs is also accountable for the rejection. The attitude of nurses with regard to the concept of online education is different from the nursing students and the employed nursing staffs. The study is done based on the hypothesis that the nursing students have a positive attitude towards the online education. Among the hospital employed nurses, lack of staff confidence in using technology inhibits their use of online education.
Today the hospitals are providing quality healthcare with advanced technologies. The need of continuing education helps to improve the quality of service. These circumstances laid the platform for the nontraditional academic system of learning. These educational programs and training sessions are important to update the medication, skill, and techniques of the nurses. The virtual hospitals are the other out breaking area in the IT field. The simulation labs are very much efficient in e-learning. Various barriers such as lack of access to computers and the internet, lack of orientation and motivation towards the use of computer technologies, the multigenerational gap among the employers etc., influence the perception of the nurses towards applying the technology to further advance their education prospects. The TIGER is the Technology Informatics Guiding Educational Reform which initiative to enable practicing nurses and the nursing students to fully update in the emerging Digital Electronic era in healthcare. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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