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Harvard MBA Admission Letter - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The writer of this essay "Harvard MBA Admission Letter " discusses his three most substantial accomplishments for Harvard MBA. The writer put efforts to define proper mandate, set guidelines, test new processes, and subsequently create value for the company…
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Harvard MBA Admission Letter
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Extract of sample "Harvard MBA Admission Letter"

Download file to see previous pages Although I was successful in setting standards on paper; however, the creation of a practical roadmap was something that made me contemplate further.
Since Saudi Arabia has neither unions nor work councils, I seized at the opportunity to mold the new ‘Organization Excellence’ department into a platform as an internal employee work council, as well as an intermediary between the company and employees. After conducting employee interviews, reading extensive P&G archives on performance management, and seeking out thought leadership resources, I designed a completely new system for mobilizing and motivating human assets. Not only did the strategy of unifying workers and developing a more positive working environment pay off; however, also my approach to ‘Organization Excellence’ touched off productivity gains throughout the P&G facility. During a short period of two years, I facilitated the department in its expansion, and it set indexed performance and rising job satisfaction standards throughout the organization. P&G sites across Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and beyond are now replicating my model, and subsequently, the company's reputation, in terms of its human resources management, has also strengthened dramatically, and winning Saudi Arabia’s Employer of the Year Award is just an example of the accomplishment.
After completion of the top-to-bottom redesigning of ‘Rewards and Recognition incentive system’, it was an understanding that the system was transforming into a global benchmark for P&G sites worldwide. For this reason, my inspiration stemmed from identifying performance gaps, and at that time, during the training of 350 employees on P&G success drivers and another batch on ‘High-Performance Organizations Overviews’, I felt strongly that everyone should be able to take own initiative and feel valuation of their contribution.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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