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In the paper “My Study in Global Political Economy” the author describes his passion for international affairs originated from a childish fascination. He has made the decision to enroll in the Master of Social Science in Global Political Economy after much deliberation and thought…
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My Study in Global Political Economy
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My Study in Global Political Economy
Growing up, I was expected to follow my father’s footsteps and become a doctor myself. However, I developed a passion for international relations, a field mostly considered unsuitable for a girl. Nonetheless, some of the fondest memories I have of my childhood involve watching the International News with my grandfather; often he would help me understand complicated issues by making up interesting stories.
Admittedly, my passion for international affairs originated from a childish fascination; however, I have made the decision to enrol in the Master of Social Science in Global Political Economy at your institute after much deliberation and thought. Getting this degree would not only satiate my passion, but it would also serve as a stepping stone for my future career. As a final year Bachelor’s degree student, majoring in Policy Studies and Administration with concentration on Politics & International Affairs and Policy Streams, I have a solid academic foundation, both theoretically and practically, when it comes to general politics and international relations. My knowledge in politics is an added boon as politics is intertwined with economy, which in turn plays a big role in international relations. As an exchange student at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, I was greatly impressed by the speech of the former Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin, on the financial crisis, although I did not have enough knowledge about credit and Subprime Mortgage. As compared to the economy concerned with statistics and data, I am more interested, not to mention knowledgeable, in political economics, i.e. a study into the relation between politics and economy, for example the political determinants and effects of economic outcomes, especially in the time of financial crises and global insecurity. That is why when I came across the master’s course in Global political economy offered by ­your institute, I could not help but apply for admission therein as this is the field I want to pursue. This is in line with my career goals of working in the international commerce department of a multinational company, or the foreign affairs department of the government. Getting this degree would help me develop the necessary coping skills with regard to any future career challenges; it would enable me to enhance my knowledge and improve my skills in both global politics and global economy. My research interests lie in the Global Paradigm Shift and the Role of Greater China in Global Political Economy; this programme would help me with that as well.
My bachelor degree has helped me in attaining a comprehensive and general foundation which I can build on through further study in global political economy. Also, my experience in policy analysis and the research projects I have worked on would serve me well in inter-disciplinary research. Moreover, I have received the excellent graduate award, an annual award conferred upon two outstanding students; this is a testament to my excellent academic abilities and positive attitude. Additionally, my experiences relating to study, research and internship in various countries like UK, Canada, Japan, Singapore, etc. have undoubtedly helped me develop an open, competent and culturally-sensitive attitude suitable for global studies; I can adapt quickly and efficiently to changing environments, cultures and challenges. My dynamic experience can effectively match the unique international feature of the MGPE programme.
I look forward to being granted the opportunity to learn more about the interaction between global economy and politics through this programme, and to apply these ideas in the fields of government management and commerce. Granted the chance, I am confident that I will prove my mettle in this dynamic program, moreover, I will bring my passion and multicultural background to the university. Read More
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My Study in Global Political Economy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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